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Don’t repeat same sex positions! Read top 11 sexual health tips for men.

11 Sexual Health Tips Every Man Needs to Know..

Sex is an important part of life. Sexual health refers to a state of well-being that lets a man fully participate in and enjoy...
Why you need the color green for good health? 4 Reason

Why you need the color green for good health? 4 Reason

The colors you see every day can affect you emotionally, physically and psychologically. Some colors can relax and calm you after a tough day,...
Take our relationship advice and read on to know about the top 10 tips to maintain your sexual health and have a healthy sex life.

10 Tips To Maintain Your Sexual Health & Have A Healthy Sex Life

Your sexual well-being goes hand in hand with your overall mental, physical, and emotional health. If you’re looking to maintain sexual activity in bed all...
Here are the top twelve ways to keep your penis healthy & working well.

12 Tips To Keep Your Penis Perfectly Healthy Forever

We ask a lot of the penis, but we rarely spend any time caring for its well being. The penis and scrotum can fall...
So here are a few hygiene tips for a happy, healthy vagina that EVERY girl should know.

13 Secret Tips On How To Keep Your Vagina Clean & Healthy

You may have been taught early on to cleanse your vagina daily with strong soap or "feminine hygiene" sprays, but these practices can actually...
5 Super Healthy Juices for a Winter

5 Super Healthy Juices for a Winter

Detoxing rids the body of free radicals, rejuvenates the skin and digestive system, and stimulates the liver and kidneys. It works best as a committed...
Here’s a perfect chicken soup recipe and this classic soup is exactly what you need!

Healthy & Delicious Chicken Soup Recipe!

Chicken soup is one of the easiest soups to make. It cures the common cold – the warm broth soothes a sore throat and...
Try these 3 easy healthy herbal tea recipes for healthy skin and body!

3 Tea Recipes For Healthy Skin, Body & Immunity!

There’s just something extra special about sipping a delicious hot tea on a chilly fall or winter morning. Rather than raiding your grocery store...
Masala Oats

Healthy Masala Oats Recipe For Weight Loss Lovers!

Oats are rich in fibre and in nutrients like manganese, copper, biotin, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, etc. Plus they help lower cholesterol, keep you fuller for...
Try these 3 healthy raita recipes using lauki, cucumber & Cumn seeds  to stay in shape. Check out this list of few healthy raitas for weight loss.

3 Extremely Healthy Raitas That Will Help You Lose Weight!

Curd is a weight loss superfood! It helps in keeping our body weight under control by eliminating additional pounds and the process is absolutely...