The 3 Most Dangerous Or Unsafe States Of India According To Crime Bureau:- Do You Belong To One?

The 3 Most Dangerous Or Unsafe States Of India According To Crime Bureau:- Are You Belong To?
The 3 Most Dangerous Or Unsafe States Of India According To Crime Bureau:- Are You Belong To?

India is among the countries in the world which has the high rate of violence and few states of India are so dangerous that even the local police is very frightening to go there, the crime rate in India is very high no one is safe when they are out especially in night crime ratio in India which has been reported by the National Crime Records Bureau through that report few states are highly dangerous to move even in daylight.

Those states are so dangerous no is considered safe their it is very hard to live in few states of India, the most dangerous state is considered when the number of crime is reported by the people of that state and the cognizable crime occurred for every 100,000 persons.

The highest crime rate is very high among all the dangerous stats in overall the world India is not safe for the women the ratio of rape is very high the number of poor people who is affected by the rape not very rich cases is involved in it. This is also applied on murder cases which apply on poor more than rich cases.

Here is the list of most dangerous State in India 2017.

1. Telangana


This state mostly depends on agriculture and farmers of Telangana are committing suicide due to lack of government facilities, the ratio of suicide is dangerously high here and the crime ratio is 290.7 among the population of 100,000 people. Telangana is that state which has the highest ratio of human trafficking it is accounting that 561 cases out of the 6,877 cases reported within the whole country, people are not safe they had big danger of being hum trafficked, the economy of this state exists in agriculture which is run by the poor farmers they are dying because of low opportunities and resources provided by the government.

2. Haryana


In north India, Haryana is the state which is surrounding three sides of Delhi, reported that the highest theft cases in India, honour killing is common people of Haryana could proud of honour killing cases of honour killing is countless. The crime rate in Haryana is 310.2 in the population of 100,000 people, robbery cases are reportedly very high in this state, nothing is safe which is open it should be in locker mean less if it is in locker it is even more unsafe. Rape cases are also the black point on the map of this big state, politicians ruled this state however they want honour killings reports are also the big part of this state.

3. Assam


The rate of cognizable crime is 321.8 among the 100,000 people when it comes to named the most dangerous state in India Assam is repotted the highest sexual offences which are 21 for every 100,00 women. Insult to a women modesty is very common in Assam the dangerous crimes like murder, sexual abuse to children’s, rapes, attempts to rape, and robbery is dangerously high no one is freely going on roads especially in nights, daylight is favourable for the people to earn something. It is a scary place to visit when it comes to the violent crimes, in general, the state of Assam has 1733 rape cases within last year which is very frightening and dangerous.


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