6 Mythical And Mysterious Facts Of Holy Manasarovar Lake

6 Mythical And Mysterious Facts Of Holy Manasarovar Lake
6 Mythical And Mysterious Facts Of Holy Manasarovar Lake

On the southeast of Mount Kailash is a beautiful, circular lake called Mansarovar. According to Hindu Mythology, Mansarovar Lake is an abode of purity. The word “Mansarovar” originates from Sanskrit, and is a combination of two words – manas (mind) and Sarovar (lake). Mansarovar Lake is popular for its exceptional beauty.

Centre of the world?

  • To say that Mount Kailash is the ‘Axis”- the spiritual centre where heaven meets earth is more than a belief. Why? The evidence comes from scientific entities in the form of Google maps and NASA pictures, to suggest that the peak is at the centre of a system spanning the globe; connecting monuments and sites that have blipped on the radar for alleged paranormal activities.

     Mythical facts of maansarovar lake
    Known as Center of the earth

Origin Of Holi Rivers

  • The sacred mountain lies near Sacred Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal in Tibet that is now in China.The sacred mountain lies near the source of some of the longest rivers in Asia, the Indus river, the Sutlej river, the Brahmaputra river and Karnali river a tributary of the sacred river Ganga.

created by Lord Brahma

 Mythical facts of maansarovar lake
Created by lord brahma
  • As per Hindu belief, Mansarovar was created by Lord Brahma. He created the beautiful lake as he wanted to provide a suitable place to his 12 sons for performing austerities and rituals. As the lake(Sarovar) was a creation of Lord Brahma’s mind(manas) so named Mansarovar.
  • There is also a belief that Devi devtas Gandharvas apsaras yogi munis Siddhas also descend from heaven in the Brahmahurat i.e., from 3 am to 5 am to take a holy bath in this sacred lake and during this period no other creature can take the holy dip in the holy lake.

As per Shakt Granth

  • As per Shakt Granth, the hands of Sati had fallen here and as a result of it, Mansarovar was created. Therefore it is also considered as one of the 51 Shakti peeths. Here one can often see rajhamsa and ordinary hamsa. A rajhamsa is a pure white swan and an ordinary hamsa is of grey colour. Their red beaks are very tender. It is believed that Lord Shiva in the form of swan swims in this lake. During summer melting ice falls down and produces the loud sound similar to that of a mridanga. Pilgrims visiting Mansarovar during summer feel hypnotized, listening to the divine music.

Lord Vishnu’s Kheer Sagar

  • The sacred lake Mansarovar is also believed to be the place of Lord Vishnu who along with Mata Lakshmi rests on Lord sheshnaag ji in the sacred waters of this lake. It is also known as kheer Sagar where mata Lakshmi and Vishnu Ji reside.

The Rakshastal

 Mythical facts of maansarovar lake
This is extremely mysterious
  • Next, to Mansarovar, there is another lake called Rakshastal. It is spread over the area of 225 sq. Kms. Here demon king Ravana worshipped Lord Shiva that’s why it is called Rakshastal.
  • Every devotee believes that it is the consent of Lord Shiva to allow pilgrims to the sacred yatra during the years and one who performs the sacred pilgrimage this holy yatra is the luckiest one considered on this earth.


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