Alabi Samson Ayobami: A Man Who Is Bringing A Positive Change

Meet Alabi Samson Ayobami: A Man Who Is Changing Lives Of People & Whose Limit Is Only Sky
Meet Alabi Samson Ayobami: A Man Who Is Changing Lives Of People & Whose Limit Is Only Sky

Engr Alabi Samson Ayobami, better known as Rubson, dreamt and worked towards it. Even when things were hard, he didn’t give up.

Success is not easy to get, you have to work really hard at every level and then only success is possible. You have to be risky, challenger, not scared of failures, explorer, real for achieving Dreams. An extraordinary entrepreneur has proved above lines true. We are talking about a young superstar from Nigeria Alabi Smason Ayobami whose dedication and hard work is paying him Big at a young age with fame, name, respect and money.

He is an inspiration for young entrepreneurs who want to exceed in life and achieve success. His Starwise groups are one of the leading educational consulting firms in the whole of Nigeria.

He is a man of his own words and you can imagine his personality by reading his words. One such quote is “I love challenges because those are what make me a God-fearing man.”

Mr. Alabi is a fast-rising entrepreneur in this competitive world and founder/CEO of successful Starwise Group. His passion and work ethic is an inspiration to many.

Mr. Alabi is a fast-rising entrepreneur in this competitive world and founder/CEO of successful Starwise Group. His passion and work ethic is an inspiration to many.

Born and bred in Kaduna state, Northern Nigeria, Mr. Alabi was always good in studies. Have you ever wondered why he is sop disciplined? It is because he started his studies from Army School and then completed chemical engineering from Nigeria’s Landmark University.

He always knew the importance and power of Education from his childhood and this is the reason he never took his studies for granted. So, all the students who think studies are burden are surely going to understand its importance from now onwards.

To polish his business skills, Mr. Alabi did an MBA from the University of South Wales, London and is presently pursuing another Masters in Civil Engineering in Canada.

When Alabi realized that entertainment is one of such things that can make people happy & this decision changed his life

After getting to China in 2013, Mr Alabi felt the need for foreigners in China to have a feel of what life use to be like in their homes. So, Alabi founded Starwise because he wanted to promote entrepreneurship and provide solutions to many problems around him. He after working so hard turned this company into a brand.

STARWISE Group is a registered company in Nigeria and China popularly known for entertainment. Starwise Entertainment (a division of Starwise Group) always guarantees maximum entertainment and deliver all their promises.

He and his Starwise Entertainment have held different events in Nigeria and China, keeping up the spirit of entertainment and making people happy. Actors, writers, musicians, dancers and musicians are offered the necessary attention. The company focuses on the development and empowerment of Nigerian youths.

We’re Helping Nigerians Realise Their Educational Dreams In China — Starwise Group CEO

The company covers education, trading, events management and charity works. The company also offers university admission processing, scholarship services, vocational institution, VIP services, accommodation, and international education facilitators. Mr Alabi had received lots of compliments for his work as his company has rolled out many plans for the citizens of Nigeria, who are further seeking to pursue their education outside the country.

If you think, Mr Alabi did not face any challenge then you are wrong. It hasn’t been an easy road for him. He persevered through many challenges while setting up his renowned Starwise Group but through hard work, effort, dedication, consistency, passion for work and personal inspiration, Mr. Alabi was able to break through and become successful.

Alabi Samson has been praised for his work and received many awards. For a young entrepreneur these awards really set an example for other people.

Here is a list of his few awards.

Face of Foreigner in China (FIC 2015) Awards

Toosabi Awards China (2016) as the Entrepreneur of the year

Association of Nigerian Student in China (ANSIC)

Treasurer Award (2016)

Mr Alabi was appreciated in 2017 concert by Kiss Daniel for organizing and beautiful event in China.

“Managing hard work and lifestyle isn’t much of a challenge because hard work is my lifestyle”- Says Alabi

Mr Alabi is a brilliant, honest and capacitated man who is breaking the glass ceiling and telling the world then you can achieve anything if you work hard for it. Alabi Samson is surely a role model for many youngsters who has proved that the price of success is your passion and dedication to the job, and the determination that whether we win or lose.

Most precious and motivational words of renowned entrepreneur, Engr. Alabi Samson Ayobami, Founder/CEO, Starwise Group.

“Believe in your dream, work towards it, keep the consistency without any thought of giving up. Deafen your ears and blind your eyes to people’s negativity and put God first.”

We truly appreciate Rubson Ayobami Alabi hard work and passion for people of Nigeria and China. We wish you best of luck for future!


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