Aurangzeb:- A King Who Had The Highest Hindu Manasbadar

Aurangzeb:- A King Who Had The Highest Hindu Manasbadar
Aurangzeb:- A King Who Had The Highest Hindu Manasbadar

He was born on 3 November 1618 under the full name Abul Muzaffar Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb. He passed away on 3 March 1707. His title was Alamgir which has the meaning of the universe seizer or world seizer.  Most parts of the Indian subcontinent were under his power.  He was the emperor in 1658 until his death in 1707. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Aurangzeb below:

These facts might shock some:

Lately, his name has turned into a centre of all discussions with historians, and politicians fighting off to remove his name as an honourable road in Delhi. No doubt he was one of the cruellest emperors who ruled during the Mughal Empire, and there are still some facts that many people didn’t know about him yet.


He is not the only name in the history of Mughal Empire to fight off his father in order to unrightfully to become the ultimate ruler of India. Jahangir, his grandfather too revolted his great-grandfather Akbar to become the heir to the throne, unlike latter’s wish. Akbar in his will passed on the honour to his grandson and Jahangir’s eldest son, Prince Khusrau, who was kept in prison and blinded by his own father and later was killed by brother Shah Jahan.


Aurangzeb was hugely into academics and religious education. His daily allowance was INR 500/- which he spent on educating himself more.

A great leaner

Moral seeker

Under his reign, censors were appointed to enforce morals, and laws were issued against prostitution, gambling, drinking, and narcotics.

Manipulative personality

He was the brilliant manipulator, who knew how to stage-manage outside the battlefield, whether corrupting individuals or stoking egos; to make his battle plans all the more effective.

Great Ruler

He was touted as the smartest, as unlike his ancestors, the Mughal Empire under him grew up to leaps and bounds in land area and revenue.

First rockets in India

With his zeal to expand the reign and bring in the latest technology to boost his military action, canon production in India reached its peak. His military used rockets in their siege of Bidar, the first use of rockets in India.

Golden bird

No doubt his way to building up the treasure was ugly with imposed taxes, but at this time, the nation was richest in the world.


Strict about religious practice

It is said, during the early days of his reign which were also the days of Ramadan, Aurangzeb fell gravely ill but being an ardent Islamist, he continued to fasting and praying. And being the Mughal emperor, he fulfilled his royal obligations by attending Durbars.

At old age

Non-frivolous spender

He never believed in spending royal money for frivolous expenditure, thus never built any monuments. During his reign, he only got build the Moti Masjid, two outer defence walls of Red Fort in Delhi, and the Bibi ka maqbara in Aurangabad (commissioned by him and built by his son).

First love

His first love was Hira Bai, a concubine of his uncle, who later died in childbirth. Aurangzeb went into great shock and depression for sometime after her death.

Hindu employees

Number of Hindus employed by the Emperor’s administration in Mughal history is the highest during Aurangzeb’s reign. And while the nation argues over Aurangzeb being the cruellest, we would like to name a few other rulers who too have bloody imprints during their reign.



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