In Hindu Mythology, Elephants Are Responsible For Earthquake:- Know More

In Hindu Mythology, Elephants Are Responsible For Earthquake:- Know More

Recently, earthquake hurts Haryana. Earthquake is a natural phenomenon, but in the 21st century, the earthquake caused by human activity that is not as per nature rule of balance. Human greed increased day by day that harms nature rapidly that comes to the in form of natural disaster. Here we sharing some shocking and interesting facts of the earthquake.

  • In Hindu mythology, Earth is held in place by eight gigantic elephants, all balanced on the back of a turtle, which itself stands on the coils of a snake. If any of these animals shift or move, an earthquake occurs.

The Real Facts…

  • It is not that only tectonic plates’ movements are responsible for earthquakes. Even meteor impacts and volcanic eruptions can cause earthquakes. Even mine tests and nuclear testing can cause earthquakes.
  • Millions of earthquakes occur each year. Majority of these are too weak to be recorded. However, NEIC or National Earthquake Information Center records around 20,000 quakes every year of which only 100 or so are capable of causing damage.


  • Interestingly, when the earthquake occurs, the shaking ground itself is not responsible for killing people. The collapse of buildings, landslides, avalanches, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis triggered by earthquakes are actually responsible for killing people.
  • Majority of the earthquakes take place along the edges of the 7 major or primary tectonic plates of the earth.
  • Earth’s 80% of earthquakes occur near Pacific Ring of Fire. It is a region in the Pacific Ocean which resembles the shape of a horse-shoe. This is the region where many of earth’s tectonic plates meet.
  • An earthquake may last anywhere between a few seconds and a few minutes. The longest earthquake in recorded history took place in 2004 in the Indian Ocean. It lasted for 10 minutes.
  • The Indian Ocean earthquake on December 26, 2004, triggered a series of tsunamis. These tsunamis were devastating and had hit most of the landmasses that border the Indian Ocean. 11 countries were hit and 225,000 lives were lost that year. Tsunami waves as high as 100 feet tall had hit several coastlines.
  • World’s one of the most earthquake-prone nations is Japan. The country experiences thousands of earthquakes each year but most of them are too weak to cause massive damage.
  • The power generated by the Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004 was enough to supply power 100% business and domestic units throughout the United States for a stretch of 3 days.
  • Earthquakes are extremely devastating when they occur in areas that are highly populated and have hypocenters of less than 20 miles or 32 kilometres underground.
  • Just like on earth, earthquakes occur on the moon but they are referred to as moonquakes. Moonquakes are usually not as strong as earthquakes.



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