In this way few small farmers defeated KCR’s daughter

In this way few small farmers defeated KCR's daughter in the elections
In this way few small farmers defeated KCR's daughter in the elections

Statistics suggest that 179 angry turmeric and red jowar farmers may have just been the reason behind the loss of daughter of KCR, Kavita Kalvakuntla, who was seeking re-election from the Nizamabad parliamentary constituency of Telangana.

Leading up to the election, Nizamabad witnessed hundreds of farmers getting onto the roads and protesting for a correction in minimum support price (MSP) and the setting up of a Turmeric board as promised.

When none of those protests yielded any results, the farmers adopted a unique method of staging a protest.

A total of 179 farmers filed their nominations against Kavita in the Lok Sabha elections.

Starting off, this attempt to protest from within the electoral system was belittled by most people. None expected it to have an impact.

It turns out that the 179 farmers actually may have contributed to the loss suffered by the sitting TRS MP.

Kavita Kalvakuntla (TRS)4,09,481
Arvind Dharmapuri (BJP)4,79,748
Votes polled for the 179 farmers98,723
Margin of victory70,785

A total of 186 candidates were in the fray, 7 representing their respective parties and 179 farmers who filed their nominations as independents.

BJP’s Arvind Dharmapuri secured the maximum votes defeating Kavita Kalvakuntla with a margin of 70,875 votes. A total of 98,723 were polled in favour of the 179 farmers, indicating that the farmers played a huge role in defeating KCR’s daughter.

The BJP made inroads into the youngest state of the country with a stunning performance in the Lok Sabha elections.

In 2014, BJP won a solitary seat in the Secunderabad parliamentary seat which was won by veteran leader Bandaru Dattatreya.

Not only did the BJP manage to retain that seat but improved their performance by a staggering 300 per cent by winning the Secunderabad, Adilabad, Nizamabad, and Karimnagar constituencies.


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