8 Incredible Facts Of Heart Of The Hyderabad Charminar

8 Incredible Facts Of Heart Of The Hyderabad Charminar
8 Incredible Facts Of Heart Of The Hyderabad Charminar

The city of Hyderabad well known for its famous Hyderabadi biryani is also famous for Charminar.  It is the Landmark of the city. It was erected in 1591 by Quli Qutb Shah when he shifted the capital from Golconda to Hyderabad. The monument is a perfect square shape building with Tall minarets at each corner. The monument shines to its glory in the night with colourful lights.

There are so many truths and facts which make Charminar quite fascinating among the people. Therefore, below we have provided you with the following list of ten interesting facts about Charminar:

Iranian creativeness


Have you ever overheard about the Iranian town Isfahan’s monuments? Don’t worry, we will tell u now.The creator of Hyderabad i.e.King QuliQutub Shah was so enthralled by the Isfahan city’s monuments that he decided to build the same in the Hyderabad city.

Constructing the Charminar for honouring woman

It is also said that the Charminar was built by the King QuliQutub Shah in lieu of the memories of her late wife Bhagamathi. So, this shows that it is a symbol of love and affection.

Diverse types of religious conviction co-exist tranquillity

The Charminar is also a sign of numerous beliefs living in a solitary place. The joining together of the airs of both i.e. the Mecca Masjid Mosque and Bhagyalakshmi temple fetch into an image of the social as well as religious synchronization of the Hyderabad city.

intirior:- chaarminar
interior:- Charminar

Making cat’s head inside the Charminar

You will find a cat’s head inside the Charminar which is designed in the top of one of the little bends on the eastern side. Can you imagine that why the cat head is made there?It was constructed to signify that cat destroys the rats in the city which have nearly devastated Hyderabad one time.

Implication of the Charminar

Charminaralso devises a lot of spiritual importance. It is understood that Charminar was constructed to honour an undertaking which the king QuliQutb Shah has made to the Allah.

Denote the finish of plague

Hyderabad is constructed with a wonderful thought. The legendary king QuliQutub Shah had decided to construct this monument as a remembrance when the harmful plague was got finished ion the city.

Charminar at night
Charminar at night

Surreptitious passageways and secret stories

As per the older stories, in the Charminar, there are lots of secret passageway between the monument and the Golkonda castle. There are also few rumours about the treasures which are being buried there. However, till now, no one has found those mysterious ways and the treasure.


The main gallery of the Minar has 45 covered prayer spaces. Just in front, there is a large open space to accommodate more people for prayers on Fridays.



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