The National Girl Child Day: How Much Do You Know About The Day?

Know Significance, Objectives, Themes, Celebrations of The Day Empowering Girls
Know Significance, Objectives, Themes, Celebrations of The Day Empowering Girls

India is not new to problems related to girls. Gender discrimination is a huge problem here which includes vast areas including inequality in education, legal rights, and honour, to name a few.  Every year, we celebrate 24th of January as The National Girl Child Day. It is a national observance day to create awareness among all the people about the importance of girl’s  development.

We observe the day to increase awareness among people about all the inequalities faced by the girl child in the society like inequality in education, legal rights, medical care, nutrition, protection, honour killing, child marriage and many more.

National Girl Child Day: History

Know Significance, Objectives, Themes, Celebrations of The Day Empowering Girls
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The day came into existence in 2008 after being initiated by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

2019 Theme

‘Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow’ is the theme for National Girl Child Day 2019

Objectives of The National Girl Child Day

– To increase awareness among the people and offer girl child with new opportunities.

To ensure every girl enjoys all the human rights.

To increase awareness regarding gender inequality.

To work regarding gender discrimination, to educate people.

To address girl child issues.

To get rid of all the inequalities faced by women in society.

Girl Child Rights in India

The Government of India has introduced various schemes  to ensure every girl child enjoys a better life. Few rights in India are:-

Using ultrasound tests for gender discrimination is illegal in India.

Various Self-Help groups have been introduced by the government to ensure a better livelihood for girls in rural areas.

‘Save the Girl Child’ has been introduced by the government.

Girl child marriages have been restricted.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao is promoted by government at many levels.

Established open learning system for girls belonging to backward classes does not face any issues.

How National Girl Child Day is celebrated?

Various events are organised all across the country to celebrate girl child day.

Government of India also organises various campaigns to increase the consciousness among the people regarding girl children.

Various organizations highlight the inequalities and problems related to the girl child.

Several advertisements are run by the government on TV channels, local newspapers and radio stations.

NGO or non- government organisations also take part in the celebration and spread awareness.

In times when gender discrimination, crimes and inequality towards girls are on rising, it is our duty to unite together to fight against the social stigma and discrimination about girl child. Awaaz Nation wishes all the girls out there a very Happy Girl Child Day.

“Don’t kill Girl in Womb when she might bring Country to Gloom”
“Don’t let their lives End before it even Begins”

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