Here The 7 Reason Why You Should Visit Awesome bangurulu Once In A Life

Here The 7 Reason Why You Should Be Visit Awesome Bangluru Once In A Life Here The 7 Reason Why You Should Be Visit Awesome Bangluru Once In A Life
Here The 7 Reason Why You Should Be Visit Awesome Bangluru Once In A Life

Okay, first let’s get political correctness out of the way. It might be Bengaluru officially, but this author finds it more authentic to call this city Bangalore. You know, like the good ol’ days? Okay, now coming to the point. If you live in or have ever lived in – or even have visited Bangalore for some time, you know that the title of this article is totally not a hyperbole. And these 7 valid points prove why!

The huge lung spaces – you have not seen it all if you are out of Cubbon Park in an hour

If we are talking about The Garden City then it is impossible to skip the huge lung spaces like Cubbon Park spread across 100 acres of area with various species of plants and trees. Lalbagh! Have you been to the flower show? It houses India’s largest collection of tropical plants. Bannerghatta National Park – this 25,000-acre park is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Bangalore. No matter where you live, you will always be close to nature!

The world’s best Dosa at MTR/CTR/Vidyarthi Bhavan

The world’s best Dosa at MTR
The world’s best Dosa at MTR

Well, you have to go and experience that yourself!

One of those few cities to keep theatre alive

yes, we are talking about Ranga Shankara. It promotes theatre in all languages. The stage has seen over 2,700 performances so far.

But that’s not the only venue for catching a live performance. There are also Jagruti Theatre, Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Ravindra Kala Kshetra, etc.

The richly painted city walls

This probably would be the first thing you’ll notice as you walk around on the streets of Bangalore. The beautiful wall paintings give a small insight into the rich heritage and culture of Bangalore along with providing employment to various artists.

The richly painted city walls
The richly painted city walls

A walk down Brigade Road will let you know how inclusive the city is

From a young crowd of students from north India to a group of foreigners who are working here for a couple of years now. From west to north east Indians, Bangalore has a place for all.Bangalore is truly cosmopolitan with around 48% Kannadigas, 25% Tamilians, 14% Telugites, 10% Keralites, 8% Europeans, and 6% a mixture of all races. (Source)

Women feel safer here than in most other cities in India

Women feel safer here
Women feel safer here

I can go out for dinner with my girlfriends at any time without having a constant fear of being raped, unlike some other cities. With women opting for unconventional careers like bus conductors and even drivers, Bangalore is much more advanced when it comes to women empowerment.

We work hard and party harder

Did you know Bangalore has the highest number of Pubs in Asia? (Source) Yes, they used to close at 11 pm sometime back, but now they’re open until 1 is! So 3 cheers on the weekends!



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