The Shocking Personality Amandeep Singh:-Steel Man Of India

Amandeep Singh:-Steel Man Of India
The Shoking Personality Amandeep Singh:-Steel Man Of India

India is full of amazing talent but today we sharing the hidden one. Amandeep Singh was known as steel man of as steel man of India. The shocking personality.


Amandeep Singh was born in a small town Ismailabad in Kurukshetra, Haryana, India and is known as the steelman of India. This Punjabi Munda is known for his incredible body strength and power. He has got many recognitions for his extraordinary tasks around the world.
He started learning martial arts at the tiny age of 10.


To maintain his strength, Amandeep has to follow more than tough diet routine. He says, “Every day, I do about 180 kgs of bench press, 2500 pushups and I lift weights of 250 kgs.” “I also get punched about 3000 times.”
He spends his six hours in the gym and does a regular early morning six-kilometre run. In the morning, he takes one large jug of water to remove toxins from the body. Yes, he eats a lot which includes eggs, vegetables, rice, and chappatis. “I drink two kilos of milk every day, along with oats,” says Amandeep. “Throughout the day I am having fruits”, he added.

The year 2011– He again won the title of Steelman And Ironman after participated in show “Entertainment key Liye Kuch Bhi Karega” hosted by Sony TV. He achieved fame and great success with this and arranged for his own stage shows.

Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh

Guinness Book Of World
The year 2012– He is finally gearing up to make his mark in Guinness Book Of World Records after getting listed in Indian Book Of Records. He also participated in shows organized by ETV Telugu. Other than TV shows, Amandeep is preparing for the Ultimate Fight Championship to be held at Hongkong. “This consists of boxing, wrestling, and kicking,” said Amandeep.


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