6 Painful & Terrifying Puberty Customs All Around The World (With Videos)

Terrifying Puberty Customs
Some puberty customs all around the world will shock you!

We’ll reveal a list of 6 painful puberty rituals. It sound totally weird and bizarre to us, but it seems perfectly acceptable to the staunch believers. These 6 customs are very very scary and painful. From drinking elder’s sperm to breast ironing, know all terrifying customs.

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Insane Puberty Customs
Insane Puberty Customs

Becoming a man in the Etoro tribe of Papua New Guinean costs a lot, they are expected to drink their elders’ sperm as a rite of passage. This tribe believes that the real power of man lies in the semen of an elder.


Insane Puberty Customs
Insane Puberty Customs

In some African and Middle Eastern countries girls face merciless genital mutilation which implies sealing the vagina. They believe that by these rapes, eve teasing, sexual indulgence can be prevented.


weird puberty customs
Weird Puberty Customs

This tradition is followed to make the boys’ skin look like crocodile. Boys as young as 12 in a Papua New Guinean tribe take part in this ritual. People make hundreds of two-centimeter-long razor cuts. These deep cuts are then filled in with clay & some oil.


Terrifying Puberty Customs
Terrifying Puberty Customs

Farther north, Cameroon is a country in Africa with this tradition. The practice of breast ironing (also known as breast flattening) is a common rite of passage in Cameroon. in Cameroonian culture the word “sex” is associated with several taboos.

They perform this tradition to “protect” their girls from rape and sexual harassment. So, they flatten their young girls’ breasts with hot instruments like rod, iron or stones. The custom of “breast ironing” takes place when the girl reaches puberty.


Terrifying Puberty Customs
Terrifying Puberty Customs

Boys as young as 13 and 16 years, belonging to the South African Xhosa people will be initiated into manhood in a controversial ritual. They will  have to go through painful circumcision when they attain puberty. The male paints himself white and he is circumcised by elders.


Terrifying Puberty Customs
Terrifying Puberty Customs

The Barabaig Culture of East Africa follows a painful tradition by scarring boy’s faces.

Young boys have to get their heads shaved and a face scarred for life. Males commonly get six horizontal lines across their foreheads, carved with a razor and dipping in the middle above their noses. The scars are also known as gar and are a sign of true manhood.

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We think that lack of formal education and less understanding of reproduction, menstruation and puberty are some causes behind these beliefs. Many of these customs have been banned but still some tribes practice them even today.

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