India’s Top 5 Highest Salaries Of Government Jobs In India

India's Top 5 Highest Salaries Of Government Jobs In India
India's Top 5 Highest Salaries Of Government Jobs In India

People spend 5 to 10 years for the preparation of government jobs because the government jobs have unmatched perks and pay scale which can attract anyone.

There are few high salaried government jobs in India which can cause anyone drools. You can imagine a person travelling in a siren Ambassador car with 10 lakh monthly salary and a government bungalow in two-acre premises.


PSU Jobs

The public sector units provide their employees with many benefits. The employees in PSUs are well paid and they get residential accommodation along with medical and other government entitled benefits.

Coal India Limited (CIL) gives it’s employees nearly 10 lakh per year package.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) gives the employees 8-9 lakh per year.

Civil Service Officer

Civil Service Officer

Commonly known as IAS, civil service jobs are prestigious in all aspects. An IAS officer enjoys a good amount of salary, a lot bunch of power and very good reputation in the society.

A cadre of IAS officers who are appointed as the Cabinet Secretary draws Rs.90,000 fixed as basic pay which is fixed, means he is not entitled to any increments.

His estimated Salary is as follows:

Basic Pay  –   Rs 90,000

D.A             –   Rs 96,300

HRA           –   Rs 27,000

T.A.             –   Rs 5,280

Total: Rs 2,18,580

Scientists jobs


Scientists are primarily employed under the “SC” and “SD” grades depending on their academic qualifications. Both of them are in the Pay Band 3 INR 15600-39100, while the SC scientists are entitled to Grade Pay of INR 5400, the SD scientists earn INR 6600 as Grade Pay.

Entry level Scientist/Engineer ‘SC’

Basic Salary                                                Rs. 21000

Dearness Allowance (DA)                            Rs. 23790

House Rent Allowance (HRA)                        Rs. 6300 (Varies from 10% to 30% depending on the city you live in)

Travel Allowance (TA)                                   Rs. 3200 in Bangalore (Varies with the city)

DA on TARs.                                                 Rs.3616

Total                                                            Rs. 57906

University Professors

University Professors

Teachers play an important role in Nation building. They teach and train students. School teachers are paid less. But the case of teachers in their trades in colleges offering professional courses is different.

The average salary for a Professor, Postsecondary/Higher Education is Rs 955,627 per year. Although a skill in teaching is associated with the payment for this job.

Indian coast guard

Indian Coast Guard

Indian coast guard or ICG is like our Indian Navy. The salary and other perks are very high. This job is also among one of the highest paying jobs in Sarkari Naukri. Although it is a defence job so the crowd is not that big but two type of people is often seen to fill this form. One who want to serve the nation and are passionate about it. And the other are those who are attracted by the salary package and lifestyle of the Navy Officers.

Rank And Pay Structure

Assistant Commandant                 Rs. 15600-39100 with Grade Pay Rs 5400/-

Deputy Commandant                     Rs. 15600-39100 with Grade Pay Rs 6600/-

Commandant(Junior Grade)       Rs. 15600-39100 with Grade Pay Rs 7600/-

Commandant                                      Rs. 37400-67000 with Grade Pay Rs 8700/-

Deputy Inspector General              Rs. 37400-67000 with Grade Pay Rs 8900/-

Inspector General                             Rs. 37400-67000 with Grade Pay Rs 10000/-

Director General                                Rs. 37400-67000 with Grade Pay Rs 12000/-

The pay would include Dearness Allowance, Kit Maintenance Allowance and Transport allowance. In addition to this other allowances will be given based on the nature of duty and place of posting such as flying allowance, sea duty allowance and Island special duty allowance.



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