Meet The Lady In Pink: World’s First Female Robot Anchor

Who is the lady in pink? This female robot will replace journalists?
Who is the lady in pink? This female robot will replace journalists?

Big development in the field of science?  China’s Xinhua state news agency on 3 March 2019 used a lifelike robotic news anchor that has the ability to copy human facial expressions and mannerisms. According to Xinhua, the new-age anchor will make “her” debut during the upcoming Two Sessions political meetings at the start of March.

The news agency released a photo of the computer-generated news anchor wearing a pink and maroon dress. The artificial intelligence robot named “Xin Xiaomeng” sported a short haircut and wore a pink blouse and earrings in a one-minute video presentation by Xinhua.

Xin is the second AI-based news anchor who will work for the news agency, and was developed in collaboration with search engine Sogou. Earlier the company had helped the channel develop the world’s first AI male news anchor  for English bulletins. It’s not clear yet if Xin will speak in Chinese or English.

Who is the lady in pink? This female robot will replace journalists?

Xinhua has been experimenting with AI-driven journalism in recent years, and even had an intern robot reporter called “Inspire”.

Last November, AI news presenter anchor Qiu Hao was unveiled during the World Internet Conference in China.

There is another, an improved male AI robot named Xin Xiaohao “who is able to gesture, stand, and move more naturally than Xin Xiaomeng or Qiu Hao”, said a report in

Qiu Hao has already presented 3,400 reports and garnered 10,000 minutes of screen time.

In 2017, Jia-Jia, a humanoid robot got everyone talking online after an interview conducted by a journalist, but made more headlines for her appearance.

Another humanoid robot named Sophia has rocketed to stardom and has attended TV shows and flirted with actors.

Sophia is a robot who might not have a heart or brain, but has Saudi Arabia Citizenship. Sophia is a humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics, led by AI developer David Hanson. She has an answer for every question and once said she would “destroy humans. Shocked? This is just the beginning learn more shocking facts about her.

Sophia was developed by Hanson Robotics, led by AI developer David Hanson. She spoke at this year’s Future Investment Initiative which was held in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh. There she was confirmed as the world’s first robot citizen. Read more about her: 10 Spine-Chilling Facts About Sophia(Robot), Who Once Said It’d Destroy Humans

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