Noorjahaan:-Hidden Bold And Beautiful Diva Of Indian History!

Noorjahaan:- Bold And Beautiful Diva Of Indian History!

Indian is full of brilliant and talented minds but we can’t focus on all. Some of the hidden talent remains under the layers of pages. Today we are want to share an incredible story of one of the most beautiful and bold personality Noorjahan or meharunisha.

About Meharunisha Or Noorjahaan

Nur Jahan or Mehr-un-Nissa, the daughter of a Grand Vizier (Minister) who served under Akbar

Nur Jahan, meaning ‘Light of the World’, was married at age 17 to a Persian soldier Sher Afgan, governor of Bihar, an important Mughal province. She was a married woman when Prince Salim (the future Emperor Jahangir), Akbar’s eldest son, fell in love with her

After the wedding, Nur Jahan quickly gained ascendency over her husband. A strong, charismatic and well-educated woman who dominated a relatively weak-minded husband, Nur Jahan was the most powerful and influential woman at court during a period when the Mughal Empire was at the peak of its power and glory.

More decisive and pro-active than her husband, she is considered by historians to have been the real power behind the throne for more than fifteen years. Nur Jahan was granted certain honours and privileges which were never enjoyed by any Mughal empress before or afterwards.

Noorjahan & Jahangir
Noorjahan & Jahangir


Nur Jahan possessed great physical strength and courage. She often went on hunting tours with her husband and was known for her marksmanship and boldness in hunting ferocious tigers. She is reported to have taken down four tigers with six bullets during one hunt. According to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, this feat inspired a poet to declaim a spontaneous couplet in her honour.

“Though Nur Jahan be in form a woman, 

In the ranks of men, she’s a tiger-slayer” — Unknown Poet

Nur Jahan’s courage, bravery and administrative skills would come in handy throughout her reign as she has had to defend the Empire’s borders in her husband’s absence and deal with family feuds, rebel uprisings, and a war of succession brought on by the failure of Jahangir to name an heir before he died on 28 October 1627

Inventor Of Perfumes In India

It is well known that Nur Jahan was invented perfumes or iitra firstly in India.


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