Why Do India’s Muslims Speak Louder? Plight Of Hindus

India Becoming A Living Nightmare For Hindus? Why In India, Not All Lynchings Are Equal? Terrorism has no religion But Crime Has?
India Becoming A Living Nightmare For Hindus? Why In India, Not All Lynchings Are Equal? Terrorism has no religion But Crime Has?

The issue of increase in cases where Hindu girls are being eve teased by Muslim youth in areas where their population has increased is a big problem.

Recently in Delhi, a brave father fought for his young daughter on the other side murderer were father and son, Mohmmad Alam and his father Jahangir khan helped by Alam’s mother murdered one innocent Dad.

Just like a soldier who defends his country like a family. This person died for his daughter his family. It took 11 cowards to bring a 51 yrs old man.

What exactly had happened? Dhruv Tyagi a father was killed by Muslim men Jahangir, Shamsher for protecting his daughters honour. His son is still battling fr his life. Delhi is not DADRI, So Secular Gangs are hibernating. We live in a Country where ‘Not all Lynchings are equal’.

Here, I want to expose the dual standard of media. Wide coverage is given when a Muslims is killed and articles are written in prominent dailies. Dhruv Tyagi was murdered by a Muslim and he is a Hindu victim and hence no big coverage for his murder. Even those who wrote about the murder, avoided mentioning the names of the murderers. When a muslim is killed, the news headlines clearly mention ‘Muslim Man killed by these or those.

Dhruv Tyagi’s murder exposed the double standards of the mainstream media and people eventually came to know the truth of the matter and the identity of the murderers. But this is not the first time that this is happening. This was the behviour of the liberals even when Dr. Narang and Saxena were lynched and murdered by Muslims

Why sickulars reveal identity of one accused of community but refused to do so when it comes to the other minority communty? Are they really minority?

Akhlak and Junaid killed, entire India outraged. Awards were returned. Intolerance gangs were barking for saving democracy. Now Dhruv Tyagi  has been lynched by Md Alam and Jahangir Khan for protecting his daughter after making lewd comments by these

First Dr. Narang, then Ankit Saxena and now Dhruv Tyagi! Hindus are brutally killed in Hindu majority country and we heading towards to be secular.

Shocked and saddened! My heart goes out to the family of Dhruv Tyagi It’s not about Hindu or Muslim. Culprit is culprit. So, all we want is justice.

But why there are two types of killing/lynching in our country?

1. Hateful and Communal Killing- Pehlu Khan, Akhlaq and Junaid.

2. Secular lynching- Dr. Narang, Ankit Saxena, Chandan Gupta, Khetaram Bheel, Dhruv Tyagi and many more.

There is a thin line between lynching and “things should not take religious color” and the line is religion of victim and accused.

These morons needs to be taught a lesson.

If crime has no religion then why the pattern of coverage by Indian Media is decided on the basis of religion of the accused and victim?

People sitting 1000s of miles across could feel the plight of people reeling under illegal immigration from Bangladesh & uncontrolled growth of Muslim population, but look at Indian media. We don’t care right?/

So, this is how people from different countries are reacting to the partial coverage being done by Indian Media. When will you wake up?


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