Okhi:- Did You Know How Cyclones Are Named?

Okhi:- Did You Know How Cyclones Named?

Okhi cyclone is going to touch the boundaries of Maharashtra on 6 Dec, as per IMD report. It may cause destruction to the coastal areas, alert warning issued by local government and the school remains closed. Here we are sharing the facts how such cyclones named?

  • The name Ockhi was given by Bangladesh which in Bengali means ‘eye’.
  • The Cyclones worldwide are named by 9 regions — North Atlantic, Eastern North Pacific, Central North Pacific, Western North Pacific, North Indian Ocean, South West Indian Ocean, Australian, Southern Pacific, South Atlantic.

    Cyclones Okhi
    Cyclones Okhi
  • Cyclones in the North Indian Ocean basin are named by the Indian Meteorological Department and the first tropical cyclone was named in 2004 as Onil (given by Bangladesh).
  • Eight north Indian Ocean countries — Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand, gave eight names each which was combined into a list of 64 names. One name from each country is picked in an order to name the cyclones.
  • The previous storm Mora that caused severe flooding across Northeast India in May was named by Thailand. Mora is the name of one of the healing stones and also means the start of the sea. The next cyclone will be named Sagar — a name given by India.
  • Cyclones are known by different names depending on the place in which it has taken place. In America, it is called a hurricane and in Asia a typhoon. America and Mexico a tornado and in Southern Africa it is a tropical cyclone.


The Facts

  • The eye of the storm is approximately 30 to 50 km wide and is considered the calmest point. However, winds speeds around it can reach up to 200km/h.
  • Cyclones are named from a list of names in alphabetical order and are categorised as they appear. Initially, only women’s names were used, but nowadays even men’s names are used.


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