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Take Care Of Your Old Parents, Just As They Took Care Of You

parents and children
Source-Internet: We are nothing without parents.

Who are Parents? A question that needs no answer. The reason? They start sacrificing their wishes and needs for you even before you come in this world. They see their whole world in you. They know that being a parent means sacrificing your future for your kid’s future. Throughout their whole life they dedicate their time for you.

Parents are the best teachers

parents and children
Source: Internet

Parents are the first teacher of child’s growing life. They play a wonderful role to mould their children to be a good person.

When you are a child they teach you how to walk and with every single step you take the feeling they get is incomparable. Then you start going to school after the age of 5 and they provide the best education possible and sometimes go beyond their limits to give you better opportunities.

After 18 you wish to go to college your father get your admission done in a good college by spending his lifetime savings. These  sacrifices take a great toll on their financial planning.

Why children abandon their parents?

parents and children
Source: Internet

Then what most of the children do for their parents when they start aging? What are you doing to brighten the lives of your aging parents? Hurting, Abusing, abandoning, leaving them in old age homes and isolation? This is so heart wrenching that a  large number of senior citizens are often abandoned by their own children and left to rot in old age homes.

According to few studies, parents in these situations give up too soon. So, children must take care of their aging parents because they gave us life and help us to grow up. We are nothing without them. Just think about the pain of a mother during her pregnancy. Think about a father’s hard work for his children.

Parents always want to see their children successful. Children must show their love for elderly parents by taking care of them. Always remember that your parents were always there for you when you needed them the most. Now it is your duty to take care of your elderly parents because people need care from others at two times during their life – Childhood and Old-age.





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