Shameless Illiterate Pakistani Tv Anchors Insult PM Modi & India! Videos

Watch all the videos and see these recent examples of such “bullsh*t
Watch all the videos and tsee these recent examples of such “bullsh*t" oops bulletins of Pakistani Media.

Are They Intellectuals? No. Are They Writers? No. Are They Poet? A Big No. They are Pakistani anchors who open their mouth just to speak Sh*t. Just to gain TRPs, they can ignore their moral values and behaviour. They don’t feel ashamed while speaking absurd things about their neighbour country’s PM Mr. Narendra Modi who is a global leader. Don’t these anchors know that their PM Imran Khan stands nowhere in front of India’s PM Narendra Modi. After The Pulwama Terror attack Pakistan fed Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) took the responsibility of the attack. Then why Pakistan anchors are ignoring this and still defending their terrorist nation? Is this what they call nationalism by defending their terrorist country?

After the Pulwama attack which was ofcourse supported by Pakistan both India and Pakistan have since issued statements condemning each other. Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowed to give Pakistan a “befitting reply”, and his Pakistan counterpart Imran Khan has warned that his country will “not think twice” before retaliating. The country who can’t even fed itself is talking about retaliation? It is funny.

But ignoring all troubled times, Pakistan’s TV news anchors are redefining their sh**ty journalism with their poetic jibes, silly shayaris, offering a quick laugh on our attack, inflaming passions on that side, and showing that their anchors don’t know about journalism a bit. Poor illiterates.

Let us take you through some recent examples of such “bullsh*t” oops bulletins.

On Samaa TV, so called journalist Kiran Naz begins her absurd criticism of India with a rhyme: “Suna hai sarhadon par tanav hai, haan bharat mein chunaav hai (We have heard there’s tension on the border, yes, India’s headed for elections).”

She shamelessly compares the killing of CRPF personnel to the sacrifice of goats, refers to Modi as a “chaiwala”, and calls Khan a “sensible, visionary” individual.

Then, she tried too warn India about the consequences of war, she announces, “Agar Pakistan ne jawab de diya toh ek tha Modi ya ek tha Bharat naa ho jaye … Ude toh the Pakistan ko sabak sikhane, par gir pade nalayak kahin ke (Retaliation by Pakistan may relegate India and Modi to history. Loafers who rose to teach Pakistan a lesson have fallen to the ground).” Is she living in a fantasy world?


The next video will take their funny journalism to a different level. On Samaa TV, anchor Paras Jahanzeb recites a two-minute-long poem criticizing India. Oh God, all this for criticizing India? Why are they so obsessed? Well, here is what she said( in her unconscious mind may be)

She says: “Modi sahab, aap ko lakh baar samjhaya hai, parr kab samjh mein aaya hai … harr baar aate ho, buri niyat laate ho, har baar peeth dikhate ho aur dum dabake ke bhaagte ho… (Modi sir, we’ve told one lakh times, but you’ve never understood. You come with bad intentions every time and run back scared),” she says.

“Lekin uss wakt se daro, yaad rakho … na maan hoga, na Hanuman, na hi koi Shaktiman… (Be scared of a time, when you won’t have respect, Hanuman, or Shaktiman),” the anchor adds.


Here comes extraordinaire Dr Fiza Akbar Khan of Kohinoor News. She lashed out at India for criticising Pakistan’s role in sponsoring and harbouring terrorists, including 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed.

She said, “first repair your toilets”, a purported dig at the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ignoring their country’s Jihadi elements.

She then says “Sharam tumko aati nahi (you don’t feel shame)”, before adding, “Shame on you, India”. Wagging her finger at the camera, she repeats the words five times.

“Filmo mein kaam karne ke chakkar mein shayaad aapne wo Kate Winslet ka hat le liya… (You probably bought Kate Winslet’s hat with dreams of a movie career),” she says.

Then, she steals from Karan Johar’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to issue a warning to India.

“Koi mil gaya.. behki hai nigahein aur bikhre hai baal… tumne banaye hai kya apna yeh haal… kaun mil gaya?” she says, evoking the hit song, before adding with a smirk, “Pakistan mil gaya (You’ve found Pakistan).”

In a country, whose TV anchors are criticizing India by using Indian Bollywood dialogues, they will teach India a lesson? When will they come out of their imaginary world and see the reality of their Atankwadi desh (Terrorist nation)?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author.


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