Ramprasad Bismil And The Phrase“Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai”:- The Story Of Scrifies & Nationalism

They were so inspired by Pt Ram Prasad Bismil that they were ever ready to dedicate their lives to the cause of freedom of the motherland.
They were so inspired by Pt Ram Prasad Bismil that they were ever ready to dedicate their lives to the cause of freedom of the motherland.

December 18, 1927- Gorakhpur Central Jail. A middle-aged woman was waiting to see her son. Her husband and another young man too joined her. Her son was brought out in chains, and when he saw his mother, tears rolled down his eyes. It was his last day, tomorrow he would be hanged to death. As the mother saw the tears, she said, “What is this, my son? I had thought of my son as a great hero. I was thinking that the British Government would shiver at the very mention of his name. I never thought that my son would be afraid of death.” To which her son replied

“Mother these are not tears of fear, these are the tears of joy, of beholding such a brave mother like you”.

The son was Ram Prasad Bismil, the mastermind behind the Kakori Rail Dacoity case, the man who popularized these immortal lines.:

“Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai, dekhna ki zor kitna baazu-e-qatil mein hai”

( The desire for revolution is in our hearts, we shall see how much strength lies in the arms of the murderer”).

bismil famous poem
bismil famous poem

There is a general perception that he wrote it, but was actually written by Bismil Azimbadi and popularized by him.

today, June 11, is the 121st birth anniversary of Ram Prasad ‘Bismil’. Here is a short recollection of his life to for us to commemorate and celebrate one of India’s most heroic revolutionaries.

The element of supreme sacrifice was there and it caught the imagination of the youth. They were so inspired by Pt Ram Prasad Bismil that they were ever ready to dedicate their lives to the cause of freedom of the motherland. Thus they also tested the resolve of the British masters in the role of killers and found it wanting in the face of zeal to make the supreme sacrifice. Bismil was indeed a great leader of men and super motivator of the youth.

Pt Ram Prasad Bismil had the spirit of Freedom in his blood. His ancestors were products of the Chambal river and ravines. They had never accepted subjugation, neither of foreigners nor of Indian rulers who were political slaves of their British masters. It was Luxmibai, Rani of Jhansi to whom freedom fighters of the Madhya Bharat and other regions had looked to for taking up arms against the barbarian rule.

Credit goes to Swmi Somdev of Arya Samaj Shahjehanpur for bringing the gone-astray Ram Prasad back on track and inspire the wayward young man of 18 years to become an Arya Samajist to his fingertips. Ram Prasad never looked back and moved forward to achieve the aim of bringing the garland of Freedom to decorate the Bharat Mata with.


Pt Ram Prasad indulged in looting the wealth of the corrupt rich and slaves of the British Empire to invest the looted money in the cause of freedom of motherland. Nevertheless, he was Not a Lutera in the conventional sense. He was a Freedom Fighter.

In 1921 Ram Prasad attended the Congress session in Ahmedabad and found his Thought at variance with that of Gandhiji. He decided to part company with the Gandian thought and never reverted to him. The very fact that Gandhi had withdrawn the National Movement of Non-Cooperation with the British Government in India after the Chauri-Chaura incident in which 21 policemen were killed by the Satyagrahis after they had manhandled the peaceful demonstrators, hurt many men like Ram Prasad and they parted company with Gandhiji for good.

9th August 1925 was a red letter day in the life of our revolutionary hero, Pt Ram Prasad Bismil. The Government Treasury was being transferred to Lucknow by railway train. Bismil and his revolutionary colleagues decided to loot the government money and buy weapons with it to be used by other revolutionaries to overthrow the foreign rule.

At Kakori, short of Lucknow the Daredevils did it successfully. In the melee, a passenger was killed by the Mauser pistol bullet fired by a young man accidentally. Now the British government of the day left no stone unturned to apprehend the revolutionary Pt Ram Prasad Bismil and his colleagues. They were eventually hanged to death.

ram-prasad-bilmil- quotes
ram-prasad-bilmil- quotes

He walked the gallows cheerfully wearing a smile. At the gallows, he put the hanging rope around his neck himself as if it were a garland of flowers. His body was handed over to his parents and hundreds of thousands of compatriots followed the body of the great Martyr who was cremated on the banks of the Rapti river amidst chanting of Ved mantras as prescribed by Rishi Dayanand in his Sanskar Vidhi.

Thus Pt Ram Prasad Bismil sacrificed his life for the cause of freedom of motherland which was attained on 15th August 1947. We bow to the great Arya martyr who inspires many of his compatriots even now, almost a century after his Martyrdom.



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