Sweta Mangal- The women who works efficiently for Medical And Educational Sectors in india

Meet The Woman Who’s Making Big Strides For India’s Medical And Educational Sectors
Meet The Woman Who’s Making Big Strides For India’s Medical And Educational Sectors

While it is laudable to establish a flourishing empire, some entrepreneurs do a lot more than just making high revenues. They strive to help others, bringing resources to those in need, and providing access to basic amenities.

Fortunately, India boasts of a number of such entrepreneurs who have been catalysts for social causes across the country. Sweta Mangal, the co-founder and former CEO of Dial 1298 for Ambulance, is certainly one of them.

She comes across as a woman who went the extra mile to bolster the country’s medical sector. In a successful career spanning several years, Mangal has established herself as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the country. Her overall excellence has been well-acknowledged in the form of various prestigious awards and accolades bestowed upon her.

The business idea of her initiative, Dial 1298 for Ambulance, was modelled around the 911 caller service of the US, and 999 of UK. It was setup with technical and managerial assistance from two of the world’s largest and best metropolitan Ambulance Services—the London Ambulance Service, and the New York Presbyterian EMS.

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Talking about the conceptualisation of her initiative, Mangal explained how it was aimed at addressing the major pain points of society, and incubating a problem solving approach.

It was when we realized the acute need for an organized and networked Ambulance service in the country for saving lives which may have been lost only for want of timely medical attention, that the idea of this initiative was conceived, she says. “Once we thought of the project, we started looking for doctors who would work on the Ambulances. We found that a MBBS, or a doctor in alternate medicine, did not find it attractive to work in an ambulance. We had to pay higher than market rates to attract doctors to work for us, adds Mangal.

What started with just a few ambulances eventually emerged as the largest emergency ambulance service in the developing world, with operations in 18 Indian states, and the Gulf (Middle East). Today, the service has reached over 8 million patients, continuing to save a number of lives every day.

As a social entrepreneur, Sweta Mangal also serves as the director of MUrgency Inc., a mobile application which connects people in need of urgent medical help to the nearest doctor, nurse, or paramedic. With a massive response, the application has garnered support by the forum of young global leaders, Harvard University (Asia Center), MIT Sloan Global Health and Stanford Change Labs.

Mangal has also served as the trustee and co-founder of the Lifesupporters Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS), an organisation based on training people to be adept at providing life-saving assistance in a medical or traumatic emergency or disaster. However, her social initiatives are not just limited to the medical sector.

An avid philanthropist, Mangal has already made significant efforts to expand the reach of education. She started the Mangal Newton School in a small district of Rajasthan. Today, the school is accredited by CBSE, and has over 600 students.

Deemed as paramount futuristic developments, the social initiatives of Sweta Mangal have certainly widened the horizons of the country’s medical and education sector. Even at the peak of her career, she shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to philanthropy. Working selflessly, she has set the perfect precedent for others with her social initiatives.

Maybe a few more people like Sweta Mangal is all we need to make this world a better place to live in!


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