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This Is Wrong With Viral Aunty Video & The Girls

Warning- This Article Will Hurt You. fake Feminists Stay Away.
Warning- This Article Will Hurt You. fake Feminists Stay Away.


Now a days hashtag Viral Aunty is trending on every social media platform. A middle-aged woman was so offended by a young woman’s dress, that she asked few men in the restaurant to rape her.

Yes, That woman was totally wrong she shouldn’t have said such things but the young girls are wrong too, the way they have handled the entire situation was horrific.

They made the video just to insult her in front of public, family and friends and by creating ruckus out if it? This kind of thing sucks. And no one deserves to be shamed, not even that aunty.

I am not justifying what aunty said was right but the whole situation could have been handled in better manner…so that it doesn’t become another false propaganda to push.

I didn’t like the tone and words that girl used in the video that “I will make your life living hell! I will make you viral!”

That lady was wrong but this girl too was wrong and she lost her stand when she said that I will make your life living hell & I will make you viral! Aunty ji apki kurti/top tight hai etc. One of the girls also made fun of the lady’s Bengali accent. So, both parties are somewhere wrong.

Its natural for any human being to say improper things after their ego is being hurt by multiple people in the public. I know aunty is wrong but if a group of girls were teasing and touching me inappropriatly like that then i think i would have slapped every single girl there.

Watch the entire video again, you’ll realise that the statement which aunty made wasn only at the end of the video when she was frustrated, she said it to the camera trying to prove her ego.

I dont agree with the aunty of course, no one can comment like that. She should get some punishment for that rape remark. But here,Both parties are wrong –
Aunty saying her words
Girls sharing it on social media

Now let’s come to those who are sharing it especially celebrities.

When politician Azam Khan talked about the colour of Jaya Prada’s underwear then no Bollywood celebrity condemned that? The reason, Azam is powerful and you have to have some guts to stand against him. Both comments are wrong right? Then why condemning only one comment? This is something really wrong!

While the woman’s view is of course unacceptable, and the video has gone viral with more than 20000 shares, does shaming on social media help the cause?

The video’s comment section is a mere proof of how toxic and dangerous social media can be. While some commented on the woman’s body and fat-shamed her, some even posted rape and sexual assault threats. Calling her ‘aunty’ to ‘bitch/whore’ are not only sexist in nature but these things do nothing to dismantle the mindset of our society which produces people like her. (I will never reveal her name)

If you take a stand for something then why you adopt a dual standard when it comes to condemn derogatory statements of powerful people? Stay same for every thing!

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