Who is Apsara Reddy? Why did Rahul Gandhi give so important post to this transgender?

Who is Apsara Reddy? Why did Rahul Gandhi give so important post to this transgender?
Who is Apsara Reddy? Why did Rahul Gandhi give so important post to this transgender?

The Congress has appointed transgender activist Apsara Reddy as a national general secretary of its women’s wing, the Mahila Congress, making her the 134-year-old party’s first transgender officebearer.

Congress tweeted a photo of her with party chief Rahul Gandhi.


About Apsara Reddy

Indo-Australian transgender woman Apsara Reddy’s journey was nothing less than walking on a road full of thorns. But she walked on all the thorns which society laid in her path and achieved success. With her determination and zeal to make her as well as life of whole LGBT community, she fought against all the odds and gained recognition.

After all her struggles and hardships, she has now become an inspiration for whole LGBT community and working her way towards making their life better. She is the role model of transgenders in India. Apsara is a social worker who fights against violence on LGBT community, women, and corruption.

A BA degree holder in Journalism from Monash University, Australia and MA degree holder in Broadcasting with specialization in Development Economics from City University, London, Apsara Reddy is a well-known journalist and has worked with several reputed newspapers around the world.

She has worked with BBC WORLD SERVICE, The Hindu, Commonwealth Secretariat in London, New Indian Express and Deccan Chronicle. But her journey wasn’t easy at all. She is among the top league of journalists and has interviewed many celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, former PM of Australia, John Howard, F1 racer, Michael Schumacher, AR Rahman and Nicolas Cage.

She is the spokesperson of All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazagham (AIADMK). She works for the empowerment of LGBT community in Tamil Nadu. She runs a television show in Tamil Nadu. She also organizes workshops and works to provide jobs to the transgender people in Tamil Nadu. She is presently a member of BJP.

She is actively involved in addressing various issues such as youth empowerment and welfare of the backward classes. She was seen on the cover of Savvy Magazine on Women’s day in 2016. She received Excellence Award given by Jaguar motors in 2013.

She faced criticism not only from the society but her siblings too criticized her in all the way possible. But she didn’t lose her courage and fought bravely against everyone who criticized her for being a transgender. Born as a boy in a conservative family, she soon realized her sexual preference but her idea of transition was opposed by her family.

But Apsara was firm about her transition and eventually, her mom chose to stand by her side in her decision of changing herself from Ajay Reddy to Apsara Reddy. But that was not all for her sufferings. After her transition as Apsara Reddy, she faced criticism by her friends and became a victim of societal gossip.

The plight of transgenders is very miserable in India but a woman like Apsara, with their determination, has the capability to change their condition. Sharing her views on their condition, she said, “Changing your gender is no child’s play. In India, hormones are just sold over the counter and often the gay community abuses hormones. Gay men face love failure or want partners of a certain kind. One mustn’t change to acquire a man or find love. One should truly feel like a woman, emote like a woman and be able to live like a woman.”

More power to her!

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