21 Months of Hell: Most Controversial Indian Documentary

21 months of hell
21 months of hell

There have been many films in cinematic history that never made it to Indian screens. Now, another film has been blocked by the CBFC. A Malayalam documentary on the Emergency titled, 21 Months of Hell has been blocked by the Kerala CBFC.

The documentary by Yadu Vijayakrishnan’s includes interviews with victims of torture as well as re-enactments using actors.

CBFC has denied certification to the movie on following grounds:

Emergency Period
Emergency Period

The documentary by Yadu Vijayakrishnan’s includes interviews with victims of torture as well as re-enactments using actors.

  • It reflects the torture methods used by police during the Emergency in India.
  • The documentary shows too much violence
  • Disrespect towards Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi
  • Disrespect to the Indian national flag
  • Documentary is not based on evidence or proof
  • Indira Gandhi’s image issue

Film-maker Yadu’s stand on movie

21 months of hell
Image – Twitter

The director Yadu said, the Censor Board has rejected his film wholly. It did not even suggest any modification. Because of unavailability of actual footage, Yadu used re-enacted shots which became an issue with the CBFC. The Emergency was in force in India for 21 months from June 25, 1975.

Yadu told ANI that he was asked to produce proofs of the torture method shown in the documentary. He told them these are testimonies of real-life victims. But they said they want written proof like government reports from that time.

It created anger among people and many directors as well. People chose social media to express their anger with hashtag #EmergencyFilmBlocked and here are top reactions.

The movie is about the justice for victims

The movie is about the torture methods used by cops

A tweet by Sushil Kedia

A tweet by Anshul Saxena

Watch Video: 21 Months of Hell trailer

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