7 Funny expressions of Bollywood stars you will definitely love. 5th one is so funny!


Bollywood is growing up day by day as the celebrities are doing their best in every movie. Some movies have serious content and some have entertainment factor. In India mostly entertaining movies made their charm just because Bollywood is all known because of its entertaining factor. Their is a funny side of Bollywood which can only capture by the talented camera persons of this industry. Here we have 7 funny expressions of some famous celebrities which you may like

1Kiski shakal dekh li behen….Deepika


In this picture Deepika Padukone expressions are looking like that she is watching some irritating thing and she is confuse that what is this. This kind of funny images of Bollywood stars are very rare to be seen. These days Deepika is busy for promoting her movie ‘Padmavati’ which is going to be release on 1st December.

2When someone scores better than you..Ye kaise ho sakta hai ?


In this picture its looking like Shahrukh Khan is so surprised from something and he is in the mood to detect the truth behind something. This picture was clicked at the Anupam Kher’s Show. Where he was invited as the first star to be interviewed.

3 When you got the highest marks in class.


This expression of Akshay Kumar is so funny and its looking like that he is feeling proud of him. Akshay Kumar is the only Bollywood actor who is known for his action and comedy skills. Still he has the best comedy timing in Bollywood that no one can match.

4Wife ke aage kaun Husband jyada bol paya hai

Aish and Abhi

Wife is wife. Yes! This picture is the best example of it. In this picture Aishwarya Rai is shutting down the mouth of her husband Abhishek Bachchan. It proves that wife is wife no matter how big your name or your status is.

5Zor ki lagi hai yaar… Jaldi khol


This is so funny. Emraan Haashmi is looking very funny in this picture. Emraan Haashmi the the ‘Serial Kisser’ of Bollywood and he is still known by his sexy image and sexy roles in Bollywood.

6When you forgot to pay the bill at restaurant


This picture is so funny of Priyanka Chopra. Its looking like that she just remembered something and start laughing. Priyanka these days is working in Hollywood and making her image more popular in the world.

7When your crush proposed you …Finally


Alia the cutie pie of Bollywood is looking very cute in this picture. She is still one of the  cutest girl in Bollywood and still at the top in the bollywood actress ranking.


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