Sanjay Mishra:-Selling Omelettes Before He signed His First Movie

Actor sanjay mishra
Sanjay Mishra:-selling omelettes before He signed His First Movie

There are some versatile like Sanjay Mishra that put everything to make their acting alive.  Sanjay mistral is named in the Bollywood who are perfect in acting and can play the very sensitive role in the industry. Recently his trailer of “Kavi Hawa” launched that make your mind to think seriously of climate change. Let us we a look at the life history of this actor.


The story of  Sanjay Mishra which make you feel that your problems in life are like peanuts! Your favourite Bollywood stars have been through their share of dark times during their days of struggle. You might not be able to fathom the fact how they became what they are today!

He is an unassuming man, with great talent, the actor has a habit of signing as many movies as he can, even small movies that may not get a release. His reason, once you get to know it, is unique.

Actor sanjay mishra
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About Sanjay

Sanjay Mishra (born 6 October 1963) is an Indian film actor known for his works predominantly in Hindi cinema and television.An alumnus of National School of Drama, he made his acting debut in the 1995 film Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India!. Later films include Rajkumar (1996) and Satya (1998). He also appeared as Apple Singh, an “icon” used by ESPN Star Sports during the 1999 Cricket World Cup.In 2015, he received the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor for his performance in Ankhon Dekhi.

Early career

He did many commercials and small movie roles before he got the opportunity to stand with Amitabh Bachchan in a Mirinda commercial. In 1991, on his first day of shooting the television series Chanakya, he reportedly took 28 takes. The director left him with an assistant director so that he could rehearse for the shoot. His first released movie was Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India! in 1995 in which he played a small part as a harmonium player.

Sanjay Tellings…

  • ‘I loved doing Bunty Aur Babli. I love working with Rohit Shetty. I just shot for Dilwale. Kuch bhi karva leta hain mujhse (he makes me do anything)!’
  • ‘I worked in Jolly LLB for free. It was just a night’s work. We laughed till we died during the shooting. It was such a cute character!’
  • ‘I worked in a dhaba, selling omelettes before I signed All The Best’
  • ‘My mother always tells me: ‘You earn so well… why do you have such sadhu pictures on the walls?’’http://

He Failed in Class X twice

He belongs to a family of government servants, “His father was deeply interested in the arts. We would have a lot of visitors at our home who would read, play the sitar and other music. This influenced Sanjay and he wanted to do something on those lines. He used to get stressed out with studies. I couldn’t remember dates. I flunked Class X twice and my father was very tense about my future, then he was joined NSD.

He had come to Mumbai to act but I couldn’t’

When he came to Mumbai in 1991, you had to either be a comedian or a villain or a hero. People couldn’t place him in any of these categories. (Director) Tigmanshu Dhulia, my NSD batchmate, offered him a television serial.

He Doesn’t like to kill the characters of films after released

“After each film they make, they kill the characters and he feels so sad about that. For example, he worked in Phas Gaya Re Obama for a month and kept his character alive. After the shooting is over, you kill the character and move on to your next film. Yes, the character will be alive on DVD but, as an actor, it’s gone. He won’t live it again.

Mishra loves cooking as well!

“There’s a saying, ‘Inke Naam ke bachche har gali mein hai (He has an offspring in every street).’ In the same way, mere naam ek cylinder har sheher mein hai (I have a gas cylinder to my name in every city),” Mishra says that “Wherever I go, I buy a cylinder and cook my own food. You spend Rs 1,000 in a restaurant, I buy my cylinder for half that price and I put it up anywhere, even in my vanity van. I cook my food and feed others also.”

Actor sanjay mishra
sanjay Mishra is the varsatile actor

His signature dishes are Achari Mutton and Pepper Chicken

“He will cook for my kids when they grow up. Right now, all they want is jam-roti! Aapke khane ki issat honi chaiye bhale woh apne bachche kyun na ho (People should respect what you cook, even if they are children),” he says with a straight face.

Sanjay Loves all kinds of music

“After 20 years, He doesn’t have a bank balance but he has a music balance,”. He has a gramophone player, with Pink Floyd and the Roti Kapda Aur Makaan soundtrack LP records.

Sanjay Mishra doesn’t care about his fitness

When Sanjay is with vidhut jamwal. He talked about his fitness. “Vidhut Jamwal does a lot for his body. He takes his body very seriously. I don’t,” he smiles, pointing to the cushions lying on his treadmill.

Actor sanjay mishra
Actor Sanjay Mishra

Last But Not The Least  “photography”

As if to prove it, the sun shines into the room just then, through the tinted windows, and lights up a yellow wall. Mishra admires the beautiful lighting, picks up his camera and starts clicking away.

His favourite subject, as witnessed by the photographs on his walls, are sadhus! His wallpaper, on his computer, is a picture of himself posing with a sadhu in Banaras during the shooting of Masaan.

The Mother’s telling…

The first thing his mother told him when he returned to Mumbai was “Shave!”

The second thing was, “Get married.”

Mishra, who was scarred by a failed marriage during his NSD days, wasn’t sure. But he started feeling lonely after his father’s death, so he agreed to an arranged marriage in 2009.


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