Birthday Special:-Anuska shetty Never A Fan Of History

Anushka Shetti
Anuska shetty:- Never A Fan Of History

Anushka Shetty actress that perform long lasting memorable movies. A name that didn’t need any brand to let her know the people.  On the birthday of Anushka Shetty, we are sharing rare facts of her life.

On the eve of Anushka Shetty’s 36th birthday, the makers of her upcoming film Bhaagamathie have teased the audience with the actor’s first look in the film. One of the most versatile actresses of the south Indian cinema, Anushka Shetty has now become the queen of the industry. She has got the looks and the talent to swoon you. And in her latest flick which is all about being fine in whatever size you are is bound to make you realise that an actress is not all about item numbers.

 Anushka Shett
Anushka Shett: At Childhood

Real name

Did you know Anushka isn’t her real name? The diva who was born in Mangalore, Karnataka in 1981 was originally named Sweety by her family. But down the road, Sweetu (as addressed by her family) chose Anushka as her stage name. A traditional Tuluva, Anushka hails from the Bellipady Uramalu Gathu family. She is known by the nickname Sweety Shetty and her birthplace is Mangalore in Karnataka

Never a fan of history

Anushka Shetty was never a fan of history in her school days. But three years of shooting for the upcoming historical movie Rudhramadevi (based on the 13th Century warrior queen of the Kakatiya dynasty) has her wanting to know more about the days of yore. She says “Honestly, history in schools is just numbers. I am sure the subject can be put across in a better way.


Before entering the movie industry, Anushka underwent yoga training for more than 10 years from Bharat Thakur and was a professional instructor. She knows how to keep herself fit.


Since she had a fit personality, she made up for a perfect biker chic in her début movie Super starring Nagarjuna. She does look like the girl who can get off the bike and scare other roadies.

Anushka Shetti
Anushka Shetty

Size Zero

For her latest movie, Anushka plays the role of a size 12 girl who is quite confident in her style but is unable to find love. For a person who practices Yoga, this role is quite an achievement.





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