Did You Know Arjun Kapoor’s Ex- Girlfriend Had A Deep Relationship With Salman Khan:- Know 7 More Interesting Facts

Arjun Kapoor has become a famous name in Bollywood by doing some good movies.
Arjun Kapoor has become a famous name in Bollywood by doing some good movies.

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor has turned 33 as he is celebrating his birthday today on 26th June 2018. Arjun Kapoor has become a famous name in Bollywood by doing some good movies. Although he was introduced as producer Boney Kapoor’s son now it would not be wrong to say now that Arjun Kapoor has become an identity for his father.

  1. That he is actually a devoted momma’s boy in real life

Sorry Ranbir Kapoor, but you’re no longer the only Kapoor to have all the monopoly on devoted sons. Kapoor often admits that he still feels that his late mother Mona Kapoor is alive and with him.

arjun-kapoor with sisters
arjun-Kapoor with sisters
  1. That he was actually an introvert during his teenage years

“When I would go to school my friends would question since it became a tabloid matter. And I really had no idea what to answer. Slowly I stopped going to school, put on weight and I became an introvert person,” concedes Kapoor.

  1. That his favourite foods are spicy samosas and kaddi chawal

He may have grown up in the lap of luxury, but when it comes to food, the humble kaddi chawal is enough to keep the Kapoor lad happy.

The Famous boy
The Famous boy
  1. That regardless of his stringent fitness regime, he still harbours a soft spot for Nutella

Allow us to take a moment out to announce that a guy who has a thing for Nutella is the only kind of guy we will ever have a thing for!

  1. That he owes his success on showbiz to Salman Khan

Like countless others, Salman Khan also took to playing the fairy godmother that young Kapoor needed. “It took me 4 years to lose 50kgs and this happened after Salman Sir said to me, ‘Tumhare andar se main ek insaan nikalunga.’ He actually did that! I had decided I would not give up and continued working towards it,” reminisces Kapoor.

  1. That he has dated Salman’s sister, Arpita Khan in the past

    ex lovers arpita khan and arjun kapoor
    ex lovers arpita khan and arjun kapoor

“My first and only serious relationship so far was with Arpita Khan. When we started dating, I was scared of Salman bhai. I was 140 kgs, was assisting Nikhil Advani in Salaam-E-Ishq and had a girlfriend, would party and felt my life was headed in the right direction and felt sorted and thought that I would direct my film by 22, till she broke up with me and suddenly I was confused about what my future held for me,” rues Kapoor.

  1. That he received his first paycheque at the age of seventeen

Courtesy Dharma Productions where we worked his way up from the lower rungs to assistant director.



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