Bigg Boss Scripted? Kiss Was Fake? Anup Jalota Reveals Shocking Things

I have suffered financial losses due to Bigg Boss 12. I have no feelings for…
I have suffered financial losses due to Bigg Boss 12. I have no feelings for…

Anup Jalota has made several shocking revelations post his eviction from Bigg Boss. While we had recently told you that Jalota had asked Jasleen’s father to do her kanyadaan together, we now have some more startling revelations from the Bhajan maestro.

Recently, he appeared on Aap Ki Aadalat and opened up about Jasleen and the relationship that they share at length. What comes as a surprise is, that he called the romantic date ‘completely scripted’.

When host Rajat Sharma asked him about the date and kiss that they shared in the house, this is what Anup said: “In today’s time, don’t you children kiss your father? This was all just to boost the entertainment value of the show. There are no feelings or love attached to this. And once she comes out, I’m sure Jasleen will also agree with me and reveal what the truth is. The date that we had in the house was completely scripted. We were told what and how things will flow. And we just followed their instructions. There is no truth in this, not even one per cent.”

I have suffered financial losses due to Bigg Boss 12. I have no feelings for…
Bigg Boss

“Jasleen has been learning music from me for last 2-3 years. I guess, I must have gone to her place six times, she must have come to my place around five times. One day she told me, that she has been approached by BB makers. So I told her that she should go, it will her to gain popularity. So she said, that you come along, as this time the concept is ‘vichitra jodi’. Even her father asked me. So, I agreed and we decided we will enter as guru-shishya jodi. Six days before the shows premiere, the makers took Jasleen. She told them that we are in a relationship. I just played along and had decided that I will reveal the reality once I step out from the house. And I did exactly the same,” he said. (Also Read: Hina Khan Drops Truth Bomb on Dipika, Jasleen & Anup! Watch Video)

All Bigg Boss fans would easily recall how Anup Jalota, 65, and his girlfriend Jasleen Matharu’s, 28, love affair had sent the internet into tizzy. Some appreciated their chemistry, while some criticized the age gap.

Social media had also went buzzing that Anup might have received a big amount to fake this relationship. But he denied that as well and in return said, “Well, I cannot reveal my contract details. But all I can tell you is that I have suffered financial losses. The amount that I received for Bigg Boss 12 is a lot less than what I earn from my concerts.”

Well, all we can do now is wait for Jasleen’s exit to know the other side of the story from her.

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