4 Biggest & Most Controversial Fights From All Seasons of Bigg Boss

Some of the best worst fights of Bigg Boss
Some of the best worst fights of Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is full of big fights and the fighters. From Kamaal R Khan to Bani J To Rakhi Sawant, here are some of the best worst fights of Bigg Boss you will ever get to witness. These fights were not limited to verbal abuses but also physical. Have a look at some dirty fights in “Bigg Boss” house.

4. When Baba crossed all the limits – Season 10

Some of the best worst fights of Bigg Boss

During a task, Swami Om crossed all limits. He pissed in the bowl and then threw it on the bani & rohan. After this action of Swami Om, all the members of the house turned against him. They all locked them in jail and demanded strict actions from the Big Boss. After this incident, Swamy Om was finally evicted from the house. But Swami Om shamelessly said ‘The last time I pee in the kitchen,’ Big Boss’ did not say anything.

3. KRK Threw Bottle – Season 3 

Some of the best worst fights of Bigg Boss

Self–proclaimed director and actor Kamal Rashid Khan (KKK) had done a lot of ruckus in Bigg Boss season 3. During a task, KRK got angry when talking to Rohit Verma and he threw a bottle on him which  accidently hurt Shamita Shetty. She got hurt and all contestants demanded action. Taking this matter seriously, the Big Boss ordered KRK to leave the house. KRK came in a lot of headlines after this controversy.

2. Imam Challenged To Go Nude – Season 6

Some of the best worst fights of Bigg Boss

Bigg Bosss 6 contestant Imam was hell-bent on troubling all Bigg boss contestants. He wore a skin-coloured body suit and act like a tiger. Imam also broke the house utensils of Big Boss village and began play the pot with loudness. When the matter increased, the security personnel of Big Boss’s house were sent home. Imam warned them that if he was not took out of the house, he would remove all his clothes. This behaviour led to Imam’s eviction.

1. When Dolly Got Physical – Season 4

Some of the best worst fights of Bigg Boss

Firstly, Dolly and Shweta Tiwari argued with each other. Sameer went to Dolly and took side of Shweta. It is believed that Dolly got physical with Sameer. Although this scuffle was not shown in the show.

After this, Big Boss put two options in front of the house members. Either evict Dolly and Sameer or let them stay in the house. Shweta, Manoj Tiwari and Seema Parihar were standing in favor of Sameer. Later, Sameer himself said that he would go out of the house after that both of them were taken out.

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