BB11: Hina & Luv Tyagi Are Friends Again, Twitter Reacts To Luvina

Hina And Luv in Bigg Boss
Hina And Luv in Bigg Boss

Luv, who came as a padosi, has been silently playing. But he rose to more attention during the dinosaur task. Everything was not going well between Luv and Hina.

Luv told Hina that she and Priyank have hurt him to which Hina said that he is overreacting. They went into a heated argument and Priyank intervened to solve the matter.

Hina And Luv
Hina And Luv in Bigg Boss

Later, the trio (Priynak, Hina and Luv) were seen in the lawn area where Hina and Luv apologised to each other. Twitter is praising their friendship and at the same time some people are criticizing Hina.

Look at some reactions.

Hina And Luv in Bigg Boss
Hina And Luv in Bigg Boss

A tweet by colorsTV

Love will never betray Hina and Priyank

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Luv+Hina= Luvina

Both apologized to each other

Are you happy with the friendship?

What do you think about their patch-up in Bigg boss? Tell us in the comments section! 


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