Bigg Boss: Nasty Verbal Fight Between Arshi Khan & Shilpa Shinde

Arshi Khan & Shilpa Shinde Controversy
Arshi Khan & Shilpa Shinde Controversy

Arshi Khan & Shilpa Shinde seem to be at loggerheads once again. It all started when Arshi was asked by a journalist that if she thought something was transpiring between Vikas and Shilpa, She told “Vikas and Shilpa will never marry.

In fact, Shilpa had clearly told me that she would never ever marry in her life.” This made Shilpa angry and she called Arshi a liar. Arshi again made a comeback and called her a useless friend. Before that let us see what Shilpa said about Arshi

Shilpa Shinde made a strong remark against Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan & Shilpa Shinde Controversy
Arshi Khan & Shilpa Shinde Controversy

She said, Arshi is a big liar and we all know that. That’s it. Shilpa admitted that she had a conversation with Arshi Khan about her marriage, but she meant that marriage was not on her list of priorities at that time.

In an interview with SpotboyE, Shilpa Shinde said, “We know what Arshi Khan is all about. In the Bigg Boss  house, she used my name to get publicity. Even now, she is doing the same. For God’s sake, Bigg Boss is over. Why is this lady still not getting past it?”

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Now, Arshi lashes out at Shilpa and called her a useless friend.

Arshi Khan & Shilpa Shinde Controversy
Arshi Khan & Shilpa Shinde Controversy

“I am still using her name (She laughs) ohh yaa that’s why she chooses to follow my all interviews and gives statements after statements. Let me not give her another chance to talk against me and grab headlines. I choose not to comment on my useless friend,” reacted Arshi. Khan.

Arshi further said, “I remember someone said to me in the Bigg Boss house.. that Maa kaha hai.. toh respect bhi karo.. From that time onwards, I have always respected her (Shilpa Shinde) and I will continue to be the same.

I feel if Shilpa had any problem with me, she could have picked up her phone and called me up, instead of including the press. I would like to tell her we are sisters and not to include media in our fights.”

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