Bigg Boss Spoilers: Salman Khan Calls Sreesanth ‘Ridiculous’

Watch: Salman Khan will be seen slamming Sreesanth for making cheap comments on contestants! Read entire matter here:
Watch: Salman Khan will be seen slamming Sreesanth for making cheap comments on contestants! Read entire matter here:

A lot of things happened in Bigg Boss 12 house, this week, especially after the wild cards – Megha Dhade and  Rohit Suchanti’s entry. In a recent episode, the contestants were seen making comments on his looks and also made homophobic jokes. This didn’t go well with fans, who have been waiting for Salman Khan to take the housemates to the task!

In last night’s episode, Sreesanth passed some really derogatory comments to Deepak Thakur and some of the other commoners in the house. He reduced them down to beggars, which didn’t really go well with Deepak.

Salman Khan calls Sreesanth ‘ridiculous’

In the upcoming episode of the show, Deepak will be seen having a showdown with Sreesanth for his comments. Later on, housemates vote for Deepak as the villain of the house but Salman Khan announces that he wants Sreesanth to be on the villain’s throne this week.

He asks Sreesanth what is it that he is so proud of and why is he behaving like this in the house. Sreesanth curtly tells him that it’s his attitude. Salman Khan then calls him ridiculous and we then see Sreesanth walking out of the living area.

Kalkothri Drama angered Sreesanth

In the last episode, Bigg Boss opened the confession room door and the first three contestants to get through the door were to decide who goes to jail. Shivashish, Sreesanth and Romil were picked but there was a twist, Bigg Boss then told Deepak that he could save one contestant from going to jail. He saved Romil and decided to send Jasleen to jail because she had apparently said, ‘Sab pagal khaane se aaye hai.

But things got intense when Sreesanth lost his cool and lashed out at everyone. First he refused to go to jail but then Shivashish convinced him. After going to jail, Sreesanth threw his mic away, called Bigg Boss the worst show ever and even passed demeaning comments at Deepak. After a lot of hue and cry the three got into the lock up. Sreesanth got upset with Bigg Boss and started speaking in English and refused to wear the mic. His brash attitude continued and Surbhi blasted again and they got into a tiff. Sreesanth threatened that the next day was going to be dramatic for the house.

Today, in the Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan will be taking Sreesanth’s case by putting him in the katghara and asking him point blank as to what was he so proud of.

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