Bollywood Half Yearly Report 2017: Biggest Flops Of The Year

Bank Chor
Bank Chor

As we see the first half of 2017 activate its landing gear, we come up with yet another instalment of our half yearly report card 2017. While we talked about all the hits and profit earners in our previous chapter, let’s take a look at the rough side of what Bollywood has presented to its viewers. The number of flops when put in comparison to the successful films is always high. However 2017 has rather been tough in terms of trade.

So here are all the movies with flops, below average and disaster verdicts:


Bank Chor – 7.30 Crores

While nothing really substantial was expected out of this supposedly comic caper, the fate of the film didn’t surprise anyone.

Raabta – 24.9 Crores

While it managed to create enough hype with its trailer and music, the film as it turned out was a colossal bore. Made on a budget of around 50 crores, the film could only cover close to half of its cost.

Behen Hogi Teri – 2.5 Crores

Despite the low cost the film was made of, it couldn’t really use it to its advantage and ended up being a major flop.

Phullu – 2.3 Crores

The film did show some promise despite being an underdog, however the buzz couldn’t last long. It did talk about an important issue.

Meri Pyaari Bindu – 9.5 Crores

While a lot was expected out of this romantic drama, it wasn’t really able to drive people to theaters and ended up being a flop at the box office.

Noor – 7.52 Crores

One of the major flops of the first half of 2017 has been this Sonakshi Sinha starrer. The film that did create some noise before its release turned out to be a complete dud.

Poorna – 1.52 Crores

While the film had a big heart and a story to convey, it couldn’t get itself to last long at the theaters.

Trapped – 2.82 Crores

One of the well made films of the year, Trapped directed by Vikramaditya Motwane couldn’t generate box office numbers despite being a taut and engaging film.

Rangoon – 23 Crores

One of the biggest flops of the year came in the looks of this Vishal Bhardwaj directorial that audience gave a thumbs down to. Rangoon ended up being one of the biggest let down of the year despite an impressive cast.

OK Jaanu – 23.05 Crores

While it spread enough promise in the beginning of the year, this Shaad Ali directorial misfired bigtime and tanked at the box office.

Haraamkhor – 1.04 Crores

While its collections suggest the film hasn’t earned anything at all, the cost of Haraamkhor tried to save some grace. The Nawazuddin Siddique starrer did get the people to talk about it, but that wasn’t enough to make the film run.

Below Average

Commando 2 – 25 Crores

The action packed slick and fast paced movie had all the ingredients to make for a commercial hit but its underwhelming direction played a major spoiler. It could have made its distributors earn profits had the film earned a little more.

The Ghazi Attack (Hindi) – 21 Crores

While the film did impress a lot of viewers even with its different versions down South, the Hindi collections of the film failed to yield profits. With 21 crores, The Ghazi Attack did well to impress but it couldn’t be enough.


Sarkar 3 – 9.6 Crores

While the first and second part of the film were far ahead in terms of production and box office, Sarkar 3’s box office performance was dismal to say the least.

Maatr – 2.81 Crores

Raveena Tondon’s valiant comeback couldn’t be for anything.

Machine – 3.12 Crores

While Abbas-Mustan launched one of their own in this action thriller, the film was so heavily dated that it couldn’t last long.






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