Why Deepak Says That Sreesanth Doesn’t Deserve To Be In The Finale

Watch The Controversial Video & Decide!
Watch The Controversial Video & Decide!

The current season of popular Tv reality show Big Boss in its end weeks and drama is increasing in the show by every passing episode

The the Jinn Ki Gufa task resulted in three contestants getting nominated this week for eviction namely Somi, Karanvir and Rohit. Today, Bigg Boss will introduce another interesting task wherein Surbhi, being the captain of the house, will ask several questions to Dipika and Deepak, and as a result, their answers will lead to an argument in the house.

In the promo, we are shown Surbhi Rana asking Deepak to name one contestant who according to her is overconfident in the house and without wasting a minute, Deepak takes Romil’s name and says that he gets very overconfident in the game. Thereafter, Surbhi asks Dipika to name one contestant who according to her hasn’t shown his true face in the house and has guarded his identity. To which, Dipika takes Karanvir’s name saying that he is quite confused in the house. While Dipika and Deepak are answering the questions, the other gharwale and especially Romil and Karanvir seem visibly miffed.

Next up, Deepak says that while Dipika hasn’t revealed her true face in the house, he goes on to bash Sreesanth by saying that he doesn’t deserve to be in the finale of the show. But this is not the first time when an inmate is seen saying that Sreesanth doesn’t deserve to be in the finale because earlier, Sreesanth and Romil had an argument in the BB house wherein Romil said that he will make sure that Sreesanth does not reach the final week, and on the other hand, a confident Sreesanth was seen saying that he will definitely be in the finale of the show.

With just three weeks into the finale of the twelfth season of Bigg Boss, it will be interesting to see who will make it to the final spot. Stay tuned for all the updates!

Deepak hails from Muzaffarpur, Bihar and is a popular name in the Bhojpuri film industry. Not just that, Deepak has also crooned his voice for Bollywood films such as Gangs Of Wasseypur and Mukkabaaz. He then went on to sing for the sequel of Gangs Of Wasseypur named Gangs Of Wasseypur 2. In Bollywood, as a singer, he couldn’t bag much after these two films. His claim to fame hit him at the tender age of 14 when he sang for the above-mentioned movie.

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