Caught! When dhinchak Pooja gets outing from Big boss house!

dhinchak pooja
dhinchak pooja

Social media sensation and big boss 11 fame dhinchak Pooja is getting famous everywhere.Her views on internet is getting crazy and in a large amount. Pooja is trolled by everyone these days just because of her dumb attitude allover and mostly in the big boss house have some fun with this girl just because of her stupid songs.

But Pooja is Pooja she never take anything serious and just enjoying whatever she is doing. Pooja is one of the most trending personalities of social media in India and here everyone have heard this song. Pooja in big boss house is getting frustrated thats why she has taken some outing from the big boss house. The video of her outing is getting leak in internet and someone had capture it with his phone and asking Pooja something.

Lets take a look at this video

This video of dhinchak pooja is getting viral and here pooja is not accepting that she is dhinchak pooja. And we want to tell you that this video is recorded when Pooja’s first song got leaked than after this bike chaser found her in Delhi roads and make a video of her when she was riding on a bike with a guy.

Pooja is not accepting that she is pooja but we can identify her by watching her eyes.She is pooja and no one knows why she is hiding herself after capturing by her fans.

Pooja had a good video records like ‘Selfie meine le li aaj’ , Dilon ka scooter , Bapu de de thoda cash. All these songs are getting viral everywhere just because of the popularity level of dhinchak pooja and her stupid songs which are meaningless.

Lets hope pooja will do great in big boss house as same as she is doing in the social media these days.


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