From Love Life To Sexuality, 10 Rare Things About Sunny Leone

There’s more to her than her adult film past and trust us, you’re going to want to know every last detail about it!
There’s more to her than her adult film past and trust us, you’re going to want to know every last detail about it!

Sunny Leone is the sensation of Bollywood and her amazing charm, curvaceous figure and wonderful acting has made her the Queen of Hearts in the country today.

She sure may have begun her career with the tag of a ‘porn star’, but Sunny Leone has come a long way from being just an adult movie actress and become a successful name in Bollywood.

There’s more to her than her adult film past and trust us, you’re going to want to know every last detail about it!

10 Most Interesting Facts about Sunny Leone
10 Most Interesting Facts about Sunny Leone
The Khan Who Rules Her Heart

Well, we all know Sunny Leone was named Karenjit Kaur Vohra and comes from a typical Punjabi household. But not many know that she grew up watching all the Bollywood films and Aamir Khan is her favourite actor. Ever since she watched ‘Dil’, she fell in love with his works.

The Moment She Decided To Be An Adult Star

“I informed my parents that I want to be an Adult Industry star after I won the Penthouse cover-of-the-year and 100, 000 dollars,” she once revealed in an interview.

Her Phobia

The diva, who has taken all the backlash with grace, is actually scared of bugs and insects

Her first job

Before she graduated on to the fast paced adult film industry at the age of nineteen, Sunny was just another teen trying to scrape together some cash for pocket money at a German bakery, Jiffy Lube

Discovering Her Sexuality

She was 13 when she discovered that she was a bisexual. However, the beautiful diva prefers men over women.

At the beginning of her career, Sunny Leone insisted on working only with women in her porn film ventures. She has acted and directed porn films, doing 42 of them as a director, out of which she was seen acting in 41 films. Her movie “Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone” fetched her first AVN Award, which is the most prestigious award in porn industry.

Scared Of Shifting To India

By her own admission, “I was very hesitant and scared. I was scared of the idea of leaving it all and coming to India. When I came in entertainment, I got hate mails from Indian communities in the US. I didn’t want to go through all that again, but ironically what happened now is that the Indian community in the US told me they are happy for me.” All’s well that ends well?

Her original choice of career was that of a paediatric nurse

With nurses like her, patients, or rather their parents, would have had a reason to smile indeed!

She is an entrepreneur too! Her Perfume brand’s name is LUST

She ain’t just a successful actress, but Sunny is a businesswoman. She has her own perfume brand called Lust. The demand of her fragrance is so huge that most of the time it’s sold out. So if you wish to buy it, you better join the waiting list!

Her love life

Excluding the work, they are just like any other married couple. Daniel pampers her and she totally loves to be the center of his attention. “At home, we have our quiet husband-wife time over dinner or while watching TV.” That’s just too adorable!

 Part Of Various Activism Campaigns

She is a dedicated activist. In the past, she has helped to raise money for the American Cancer Society. And she has also been part of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaign to encourage pet owners to neuter their pets. In 2016, she was also named as the “Person of the Year” by PETA.

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