Gauhar & Salman Khan Scold Megha For Spitting & Throwing Shoe!

Gauhar & Salman Khan Scold Megha For Spitting & Throwing Shoe!
Gauhar & Salman Khan Scold Megha For Spitting & Throwing Shoe!

After Sreesanth made an explosive revelation about Slap Controversy in Bigg Boss12, the show is finally getting pretty interesting and entertaining!

In last episode, we saw that Megha Dhade spat on Deepak Thakur, threw a shoe at him and hurled a bunch of abuses that made housemates really uncomfortable. She even got into an ugly spat with Rohit Suchanti during the task.

All this happened during a task in which contestants were supposed to interview each other. Deepak took it upon himself to interview Megha, but it went the wrong way. Megha got agitated and spit on Deepak.

Gauahar Khan on Megha Dhade, ‘Not a good reflection of a past winner’

Gauahar tweeted saying that Sree completely stole the show last night and added that Megha Dhade’s behaviour was not a good reflection of a past winner. Gauahar has also been a winner of the show and is constantly seen posting her opinions about contestants on her Twitter timeline

While Bigg Boss nominated Megha for next week’s eliminations, last night’s episode saw Megha, Jasleen and Rohit are going to spend the night in the kalkothri. But in tonight’s episode, Salman Khan schools the inmates for their behaviour. He questions Deepak for speaking about a woman’s ‘chaal chalan.’ He goes on to add that this kind talk would probably get Deepak beaten up if he spoke like this outside the house.

That’s not all. Salman goes on to address Megha and her foul mouth.

Bhaijaan tells her that her a lot of the scenes from the show had to be edited on the grounds that it isn’t viable to show on national television.

This year’s Bigg Boss is battling low TRPs, so Megha spitting on Deepak might actually be a good news for the producers. The show has so far failed to garner much attention even among its most ardent fans.

Last week, the host Salman Khan threw a contestant Shivashish Mishra in a sudden move but even that didn’t bring more eyeballs to the show.

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Will audience forgive Megha for her behaviour in the house?


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