Ex Bigg Boss Contestant Gaurav gets married, Ex-GF Narayani reveals shocking things

Gaurav Chopra's secret wedding
Gaurav Chopra's secret wedding

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant, Gaurav Chopra surprised all fans with his secret wedding news. The popular actor got married to his girlfriend, Hitisha Cheranda, who is from Bangalore, on February 18, in Delhi.

It was a private affair and that is the reason that only a few pictures from his wedding were seen on social media. Know what his ex has to say about his marriage and past relationships.

Why Gaurav kept his wedding a private affair?

Gaurav Chopra secret wedding
Gaurav Chopra secretly  weds

Gaurav Chopra told India Today online – He says that he earlier believed in not hiding his relationship because that would mean disrespect for the women he was dating. “I’ve dated many girls and only a couple of them (Mouni Roy, Narayani Shastri) always got highlighted. Then I took a call that I would keep these things private now.

Gaurav Chopra's secret wedding
Gaurav Chopra’s secret wedding

“I’ve always been upfront about my relationships. I’m the kind of person who believes that your relationship deserves respect so I had no qualms in getting photographed with the lady or holding her hands in front of media. At some point, I realised that I had to be fair to media since it’s their job to write about things and I started to get a little private about my associations. Somewhere post Mouni, when I was dating an actess–sometimes I went to her sets, sometimes she would come to mine–I took this decision,” added the actor.

Gaurav’s ex-lover Narayani Shastri not only revealed the reason of not making it to the wedding but also talked about Gaurav’s relationship with actress Mouni Roy.

Gaurav Chopra's secret wedding
Gaurav Chopra’s secret wedding

In an interview to a website- Narayni stated that she was supposed to go but due to her work she couldn’t grace the event. She further added that she is good friends with Hitisha as well. Gaurav and Mouni were together for some time and both of them also appeared together on a reality show, but later they parted ways. Talking about that, Narayani stated that both had different temperaments and both of them were never meant to be together.

Narayani was quoted as saying, “Mouni is a sweet girl. But dekha jaye toh it eventually didn’t work out between Gaurav and me too na? But yeah, Mouni and Gaurav ended it differently. I want to be friends with Gaurav, but maybe Mouni doesn’t think that way. But it’s ok na? Different people think differently.”

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