Google Says Salmaan Khan The Worst Actor, Twitter Reactions Is At Their High Temperature

Salman Khan recently got termed the “worst Bollywood actor” by Google.
Salman Khan recently got termed the “worst Bollywood actor” by Google.

In an amusing turn of events, Salman Khan recently got termed the “worst Bollywood actor” by Google.

Here’s a brief explanation. When you type a keyword on Google, it shows up articles, threads, and posts that have meta tags as that particular keyword. What it means is tons of people have uploaded images, published articles or written posts about Salman Khan with “Worst Bollywood Actor” as a tag.

But why is Google showing this? 

“Google search results are determined by algorithms and there’s no individual or group deciding what results to show for each query,” a spokesperson from Google.

While people might have their misgivings about such a tag, it is not the first time that Google has answered such mind-boggling questions about Indian celebrities. Searching for ‘feku’ on Google, for example, shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

We do not know whose nefarious schemes Salman Khan has fallen prey to this time around, but not many people would disagree after seeing him ‘act’ in his latest 100-crore film, Race 3

Google believes that Race 3‘s negative reviews could have also added to bhai’s misery. Meaning the reviews published by film critics panning the actor and having keywords or tags such as “worst actor” in their articles have further pushed Salman Khan’s name to the top of the Google search result.

A possible fix to this Google search result “glitch” would be bhai delivering a performance in his next release that would impress the audiences as well as the critics. Till then, we have our fingers crossed.

The film has been brutally torn apart by critics but that has hardly made a dent in Salman’s stardom.


While Bhai’s fans worship him for launching two rockets together in Race 3 in that epic scene, it might be a little tough to sway Google’s opinion of him it seems.



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