Bigg Boss 11 : Hina Khan’s Fans Cry Foul As Shilpa Emerges Winner

Bigg Boss 11

“Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hain” famed television actress Shilpa Shinde won the reality show Bigg Boss 11 on 14 January. Shinde gave a tough fight to co-contestant Hina Khan.

Fans got divided and Hina Khan’s fans are crying foul as they are just not ready to accept that Hina Khan has lost the show battle.

They are accusing the channel of being biased towards Shilpa. #FixedWinnerShilpaShinde became one of the top trends in India.

Bigg Boss 11
Bigg Boss 11

According to her fans, Hina Khan had been the most popular, the ‘bigger star’! Here we’ve rounded up a list of tweets from HIna’s fans that show the amount of hatred Hina’s fans are showing.

Respect for true lioness

Shilpa had contract with colors TV

Bigg Boss is a scripted show

Hina Khan lost because of Fake Live Voting

Shilpa Shinde won because she did racist comments

An angry fan’s tweet reads-

Hina has achieved a lot from the show

Shilpa was favored from the beginning

Hina has gracefully accepted Shilpa Shinde’s victory

Bigg Boss 11
Bigg Boss 11

Hina said every contestant of the show is a winner as they struggled daily inside the house for survival. She also said that her comments may have been interpreted in a wrong way. What people see on the TV is just 45 minutes of footage which is edited from a 24-hour-long video.

“I am not disappointed at all and it was a tough competition also. What I learnt inside is the house is that we should always mend our relationships.

Watch Video: Bigg Boss 11 winner announcement 

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