BB11: Fans troll Hina for ordering Shilpa to use ‘RO Water’ for cooking

Bigg Boss Controversy
Bigg Boss Controversy

Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial TV reality show in India. If you are a fan of Bigg Boss then you must be knowing that the Queen of Kitchen, Shilpa Shinde decides to step off her throne and leave behind kitchen duties. She did this after Hina Khan questions her hygiene levels while cooking food.

Bigg boss
Bigg boss

Arshi Khan tells Hina that Shilpa uses tap water to cook meals. Hina tells that Shilpa’s cooking methods are the reason why everyone is falling ill in the house. She tells Shilpa to start using the RO water and claimed that because of Shilpa’s cooking methods only she had an upset stomach. To this Shilpa gets annoyed and  asks Hina to help her fill the RO water.

Bigg boss
Bigg boss

This argument has created a lot of controversy and Twitter is having a field day trolling Hina because using tap water for cooking is a common practice. Fans are going crazy and making memes and trolling Hina over her obsession with RO water.

Some tweets and reactions to this fight are so funny that you will die of laughter. Some audience on Twitter is offended by Hina’s behavior.

Have a look at some hilarious tweets

Cleaning tomatoes with R.O water?
This tweet will make your day!
Another funny reaction!
This tweet is the funniest, Isn’t it?

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