Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan Says She Wants To ‘Slap’ Luv Tyagi, But Why?

Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan Says She Wants To 'Slap' Luv Tyagi, But Why?
Hina Khan Says She Wants To 'Slap' Luv Tyagi.

Hina Khan, who became the runner-up of TV reality show Big Boss 11, is currently enjoying her normal life. She is seen partying with her family and friends.

On the show, the friendship between Hina Khan and Love Tyagi in the house was quite interesting. Although Love Tyagi had entered the house as a commoner, but later he got strong bonding with Hina. Both of them made strategies many times and they were always standing together for each other.

Why Hina wants to slap Luv?

Hina Khan & Luv Tyagi in Bigg Boss 11
Hina Khan & Luv Tyagi in Bigg Boss 11

The Bigg Boss show is over and so are the rifts and controversies. But it seems as if Hina Khan is terribly missing Luv Tyagi who doesn’t seem to have time for her and she is pissed.

Let us tell you that Hina’s two special friends, Love Tyagi and Priyank Sharma, were also inside the Big Boss house. Hina came out to meet Priyank, but Love Tyagi was absent from the party.

Talking to the media, when Hina was asked about meeting Love Tyagi, she said that this Delhi boy is very busy and he has no time to meet Hina. Hina said, ‘I am very angry with Love and I want to make her a slap right now.’ I talked to him and said that you got very busy because you are now a celebrity but he said that he really wants to become a normal person once again. Now let’s see how long love loneliness and friendship of Hina runs.

Hina on remarks made by actor Karan Patel

She said, “Oh Yes, I would be in good terms with Karan too. He’s a sweetheart and a brilliant actor also. He’s a fabulous artist.”

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Hina on not attending Sabyasachi’s birthday party

Sabyasachi's Birthday Party
Sabyasachi’s Birthday Party

She said, there was some confusion which is why I couldn’t attend the party. I didn’t have Sabyasachi’s number unlike Priyank and Luv Tyagi. Actually I was constantly getting spam messages from unknown numbers stating that they are Priyank Sharma or Luv. I didn’t have Sabyasachi’s number so in that confusion I missed out his birthday party. But I did apologise and wished him too.”

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Hina shared instagram stories with Rocky

Hina Khan With Rocky
Hina Khan With Rocky

After coming out of Bigg Boss 11 house Hina Khan thanked her fans on social media and wrote on Instagram, “It was an amazing rollercoaster ride journey, away from my home I learnt a lot in 105 days through new experiences.”

Hina Khan made a few stories on Instagram where she is seen having fun with her boyfriend Rocky.

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