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Bigg Boss: Read Why Hina Khan Is Ready To Work With Her Biggest Enemy?

Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss

Everyone was aware of the cold war between the Big Boss Season 11  ex Contestant Hina Khan and this season’s Winner Shilpa Shinde. Within the house, Shilpa Shinde had said that after coming out of the show, she would not want to meet any contestant, especially Hina Khan.

At the same time, after winning the show, Shilpa repeated her statement and said she would not want to work with Hina ever.

Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss

Hina Khan says that she has no objection in working with Shilpa. Not only that, Hina says that she does not even refrain from working with her enemy.

Hina Khan is currently on a long leave after returning from Big Boss’s house. According to Pinkvilla’s report, Hina Khan says that even if she had to work with Shilpa she is fine with it too. Hina says, “I am ready to work with Shilpa. I am very professional, so I can work with my enemies too. My habit is to forget everything quickly. And this habit is very good.”

“While trying to be real on reality TV, I forgot that I had to play a mind game” Hina

Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss

She also talked about her fame she got after Bigg Boss stint. “I feel that people relate to me even more now. My fan base has changed. The feedback has left me surprised. While trying to be real on reality TV, I forgot that I had to play a mind game. Mujhe politically correct hona nahi aata hai.

People shouldn’t expect me to behave like the character (Akshara) that I played, it doesn’t work like that in real life. Akshara will be remembered for what she was, par kabhi toh real Hina saamne aayegi na (but at some point, the real Hina will come out in front of the audience). You can like or dislike me. You are entitled to form an opinion about me and I don’t fear being judged. I am blessed that I quickly forget things. I have no memory of Bigg Boss,” she said.

On her marriage with Rocky Jaiswal

Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss

Speaking to a portal about Rocky’s proposal, Hina said, “Yes. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise. It wasn’t planned; I have always been very guarded about my personal life.” Now that the truth is out and the whole nation knows about Hina and Rocky’s relationship, their marriage is one of the most anticipated affairs. Revealing her marriage plans, Hina added, “I will get married after a couple of years.”

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