Did You Know Irrfan Khan Is As Tall As Amitabh Bachchan? Know More Hidden Updates

Did You Know Irrfan Khan Is As Tall As Amitabh Bachchan? Know More Hidden Updates
Did You Know Irrfan Khan Is As Tall As Amitabh Bachchan? Know More Hidden Updates

Irrfan Khan made his fans restless as he shared a post talking about a rare disease as he skipped the promotions of his upcoming film ‘Blackmail’ whereas filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj postponed the shoot of his next with him and Deepika Padukone.

His cryptic tweet said, “Sometimes you wake up with a jolt with life-shaking you up. The last fifteen days, my life has been a suspense story. Little had I known that my search for rare stories would make me find a rare disease. I have never given up and have always fought for my choices and always will.

My family and friends are with me and we are working it out the best way possible. In trying times, please don’t speculate as I will myself share with you my story within a week – ten days when the further investigations come with a conclusive diagnosis. Till then, wish the best for me.” While he is undergoing treatment, know who said what about his health status.

Irrfan khan
Irrfan Khan

Acting Happened To Him By Chance

He became an actor out of pure luck. He always wanted to be a cricketer but his parents disapproved of it. Out of sheer luck, he was offered a scholarship to attend NSD (National School of Drama) and to get in, he lied about having past experience in theatre. Well, a lie that’s said for good ain’t a lie after all.

The Royal Connection

Hailing from a village named Tonk in Jaipur. The actor comes from a zamindar family which has some royal connection and has two siblings. His father always wanted him to join his family business and we are so glad he didn’t.

He Is Quite Tall

Not many know this, but Irrfan is as tall as Amitabh Bachchan. Yes, he is At 6 feet, 1 inch.

Irrfan khan

 He Said No To Christopher Nolan

The actor turned down a big role in ‘Interstellar’ because he was required to stay in the USA for four months and Irrfan was already committed to ‘Lunch Box’ and ‘D-Day’ at that time. We wonder if any other actors would have done the same thing if they were offered a Christopher Nolan film?

His One True Wish

He also wishes to gift his mother a suitcase full of cash. How filmy is that? But we hope his wish comes true!

How He Got ‘Salaam Bombay’

When Mira Nair chose him for ‘Salaam Bombay’, the actor was in the final year at NSD. In fact, his role was cut short because of his tall height.




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