Everything Was A Lie? Jasleen Makes Shocking Revelation After Eviction

Shocking Revelation! Anoop & Jasleen Think Audience Is Fool?
Shocking Revelation! Anoop & Jasleen Think Audience Is Fool?

Jasleen Matharu — who made headlines for ostensibly dating singer Anup Jalota – is the latest contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss 12’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode. asleen had entered Bigg Boss 12 with bhajan maestro Anup Jalota as a vichitra jodi. At the launch, the two had claimed that they were dating for more than three years. But after Anup got evicted, he went back on his words and called Jasleen only his student.

My relationship with Anup Jalota was only a stupid prank- Says Jasleen
Shocking Revelation! Anoop & Jasleen Think Audience Is Fool?
Bigg Boss

When asked to clarify the truth about her relationship with Anup, Jasleen said, “After I came out I realised the blunder. Actually, it was my stupid prank that went wrong. At the premiere night, just for fun, I told everyone we are dating. I thought Anup ji will clarify the same on stage but he did not. Maybe it was too shocking for him. And then we entered the house immediately and did not get a chance to clarify.”

Adding that it was not a game plan, the 28-year-old said, “We were just playing along all this while. But it really got messy and complicated. It was also quite embarrassing for my parents and Anupji’s family. When he came on the show again to meet me, I was numb. My reactions might have been misleading but I was too happy to see him. After being on the show for so long, you crave for support. I had decided I would talk and clear it all out once I am out. I will also meet Anup ji and apologise to him.

Megha also drops bomb on Deepak after eviction

On the other hand, Megha, who was nominated by Bigg Boss for misbehaving with co-contestant Deepak Thakur during the Breaking News task, told HT that she had no clue as to what led to her exit from the show.

“I was pretty confident that I will reach the finale. If I compare myself to present Bigg Boss contestants then I should have definitely reached the finale. I was strong enough to survive till the end. May be people want to watch the level to which Deepak Thakur and Rohit Suchanti can fall.”

Megha Dhade also had a nasty fight with Deepak where he commented on her character and it didn’t go well with the Bigg Boss Marathi winner. Not only did she lose her cool and yell at him but she also threw her shoe at him and spat on him. We got in touch with Deepak’s father recently who said that it was difficult for him to watch his son being humiliated the way he was. In an exclusive chat with us, Megha reacted to it and said that Deepak has been disrespecting women in the show all along and he needs to be taught a lesson.

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