[VIDEO] Romil Dancing To Chadti Jawani Is The Best Thing On Internet

Jasleen Matharu turns a dancer instructor to Romil Chaudhary and it's the most hilarious Bigg Boss 12 moment yet!
Jasleen Matharu turns a dancer instructor to Romil Chaudhary and it's the most hilarious Bigg Boss 12 moment yet!

Bigg Boss 12 makers are trying everything to make it an interesting watch, however, things have just not worked out. Unlike the previous season, this year is hardly making an impact.

Moving on, in the recent episode Jasleen Matharu is seen teaching Romil Chaudhary the steps to Chadti Jawani and it will make you roll on the floor laughing. While Romil tries to do a reasonably good job at the moves, it takes a hilarious spin when he himself starts laughing at the sexy moves that Jasleen asks him to do.

Megha Dhade also joins them but they chuck him out of the dance group immediately. Somi Khan also laughs looking at Romil dance. Jasleen then went to Deepak Thakur and ordered him to follow her steps. A helpless Deepak had no other choice than to dance with those awkward moves and leave the other inmates in splits.

She also calls Romil a bad student and choreographs the song with Deepak. Now Deepak does a fairly decent job with the song and Jasleen is also quite impressed with him. Romil, Dipika Kakar and other are having a gala time looking at Deepak, Jasleen and Megha dance. The three also dance to Dola Re Dola from Devdas. After entertaining everyone with the dance moves, Deepak also decides to try on heels. He finds it difficult to walk on heels so Romil tries to help him out. Deepak almost falls a lot of times while trying to walk in heels. Also Read: Watch: Bikini-Clad Jasleen & Rohit Get COZY In Swimming Pool

Isn’t that hilarious? Meanwhile, Megha and Somi also join in and try to dance it out with Jasleen. After a recent task, Deepak was seen crying in the bathroom and hitting himself as he blamed himself for betraying Somi in the task. He even hurt his hand by hitting it on a lamp later.

This week is going to get super special for contestants since family members will be entering the house to surprise the contestants. Fans are also going to love watching the special episode that will see so many emotional reunions.

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