Kangana Is Back In An Attacking Mood, Answers Controversial Questions

I felt suffocated when they singled Me out for criticism! Kangana is back in an attacking mood!
I felt suffocated when they singled Me out for criticism! Kangana is back in an attacking mood!

Right from starting the ‘nepotism’ debate on Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan show to accusing the Roshans for targeting her when she refused to back out off a box-office battle, Kangana Ranaut has never flinched from speaking her mind.

Kangana Ranaut has now said that 2018 was a horrible year for her, and hopes that 2019 changes her fortunes for the better. Manikarnika, The Queen of Jhansi, actress once again attacked the Roshans, Johar and Pancholi in an interview with DNA! She was back in an attacking mood and had a fiery answer when quizzed if she believes she’s a lonesome wolf in the film industry.

I felt suffocated when they singled Me out for criticism! Kangana is back in an attacking mood!
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‘I Do Support From Individuals Across Different Walks Of Life’

“I don’t feel lonely, because honestly, people may not be there with me physically, but I get a lot of support from various quarters. I’ve stood up for so many things. But I’ve never had a situation where I had egg on my face publicly.

Like I said, it may not necessarily be from our industry, but I do get support from individuals across different walks of life.”

‘People Really Resonate & Identify With Me’

“God knows where that comes from and how much people really resonate and identify with me. When the whole nepotism thing happened, Karan Johar went on record and apologised to me. There are a whole lot of instances of such a nature.”

‘Kangana Did This While Shooting For Manikarnika’

“When I began shooting for Manikarnika, I switched off from everything. I never bothered about it, but there were these never-ending open letters.

Even in the past, when I faced uneasy accusations from one quarter and I was sent a notice, there was such an outrage. But though I was not relevantly a big star and I was having this conflict with a co-actor, I did find people supporting me.”

‘Kangana On The Times She Felt Cornered By The Industry’

“However, at times I did feel cornered, especially after Simran’s failure. Script writer Apurva Asrani, filmmakers Ketan Mehta, Karan Johar and Rakesh Roshan and some others singled me out for criticism.

The industry was having these intense meetings to make sure I was put in my place. Probably that was the only phase when I felt suffocated.”

The Actress Felt Targeted

The actress was quoted as saying, “It makes me feel suffocated even now when I think about it. Ketan went to the Economic Offences Wing (EOW), Aditya Pancholi filed a case and Rakesh Roshan continued to say he would ‘reveal’ something. However, all of this didn’t go anywhere.

The EOW withdrew the case. Nothing came out of that propaganda, they did. As for nepotism, Karan had to apologise. But at that time, I felt I couldn’t take it anymore because there were six-seven things happening simultaneously and I was the lone target.” Also Read: Kangana Reacts To Rani Mukerji’s Views On #MeToo In Her Own Way

Is Bollywood Hierarchy Dominated By Her, Deepika & Alia?

To this she replied, “Let’s not have any delusions about that. The kind of place Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan naturally inherited from their seniors like Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan worked differently. Actually as far as the girls go, this is not something that can be looked upon so superficially. With women it has been different. What we have currently is definitely as good as it can get. However, I don’t know about us being a part of the hierarchy.”

‘We Have Definitely Made A Better Place For Ourselves’

“In the ’80s and ’90s, we’ve had Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit-Nene, who enjoyed a certain spurt of superstardom. If you see, there were those small phases of stardom that they saw, it was very age oriented and focused only around that span of time. Keeping all that in mind, we’ve definitely made a better place for ourselves.”

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