Sreesanth & Dipika Betray Karanvir: KV Breaks Down! Watch Video

Sreesanth And Dipika Kakar Betray Karanvir Bohra, Is This The End Of Their Friendship? Watch Video
Sreesanth And Dipika Kakar Betray Karanvir Bohra, Is This The End Of Their Friendship? Watch Video

With every passing day, the Bigg Boss house atmosphere is getting competitive and uglier. There is a strong friendship that has started to develop cracks. We are of course talking about the bond between Karanvir Bohra, Sreesanth, and Dipika Kakar.

In the last episode, during the captaincy task, a lot of drama happened. While Urvashi had a major showdown with Deepak. Saba and Somi broke down as housemates didn’t give them an opportunity to be the captains. In the task, Megha and Karanvir were divided into two teams and both of them were sanchalaks. While Megha managed to earn all the eggs, Karanvir was supported by none and as soon as Urvashi was eliminated from the game, friends of Karanvir left the game and went inside which not just make him lose the game but also feel left out.

Watch the video here:

Karanvir will be seen having a breakdown as Sreesanth and Dipika didn’t support Karanvir in the task in which he is fighting against the latest wild card contestant Megha Dhade. Surbhi Rana adds more fuel to the fire and mocks Karanvir by telling him that no one is supporting him. And so does Megha as she tells him that Dipika and Sreesanth should have stood by his side.

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Karanvir broke down after he told Dipika and Sreesanth that he was expecting them to be there with him. He has now decided to play the game alone.

All said and done, equations in the Bigg Boss house have changed and how! Megha Dhade and Rohit Suchanti sure have changed everything for the inmates. Will the former winner of Marathi Bigg Boss, Megha Dhade, be a threat for the Bigg Boss contestants? That will be something very interesting to see in the coming episodes.

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