Left Tried To Bully Kangana, Instead Got Trolled Themselves

This is savage. Don't miss. Kangana always has a savage response and attitude.
This is savage. Don't miss. Kangana always has a savage response and attitude.

Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, which has now earned over Rs 100 crore, has been mired in controversies ever since it began filming. Now, a section of the Internet trolled Kangana for using a mechanical horse instead of a real one. In the short clip, Ranaut, dressed as her character Queen Laxmibai, is mounted on a horse under the shade of an umbrella, carried by one of the crew members. As someone shouts ‘Roll, British, Force’ the extras around her, dressed as the English army start galloping on horses from both sides as Ranaut shouts and fights them away with her sword but all while riding a dummy, mechanical horse.

Twitter immediately burst into laughter, mercilessly trolling &tagging Kangana

The left liberal bullies, who abhor Kangana, found this as a golden opportunity to ‘exact their revenge’ against her for targeting their hypocrisy and dual standard. But little did they know that they will be brutally trolled for their remarks.

Kangana’s sister Rangoli was far from amused and hit back saying this was a mechanical horse and that this was how close-up scenes in Hollywood too are shot. She wrote: “How else do you take close up on a galloping horse, this is called a machanical horse and used in movies like Gladiator, The last Samurai, Brave heart and Manikarnika … only for the close ups ….dumb people get excited to see technology… Dumbos !!!”

One of the Twitter users, who goes by the handle of @AparnaD86, also hit hard on people for mocking the horse riding skills of Kangana Ranaut as she posted another video of the actress riding a horse with finesse.

During the MeToo movement, when Kangana raised her concerns about the safety of the women, it was these very left liberals, led by controversial actress Sonam Kapoor, who raised doubts on her credibility.

Meanwhile, Ranaut has been stirring up a storm by calling out actors who she says have “ganged up” against her. So far, she has levelled accusations against Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Anushka Sharma and Shabana Azmi. She has also announced that she will next direct her own biopic.

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  1. What the hell does it have to do with one’s political beliefs or affiliation? Far left trolls?
    First of all this has nothing to do with liberals or conservatives, second, making innocuous jokes don’t amount to trolling, third, trolling is actually harmless and just amounts to bantering, last, this was definitely neither trolling nor malignant in nature…good job at failing to knock the strawman and make her look like an innocent underdog victim. Seriously how pathetic are you?!


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